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Brandon Osborne



Lockout is a new movie starring Guy Pearce as Snow, a man who is wrongly convicted of espionage against the U.S. However, once the president’s daughter is kidnapped aboard a space prison, he is offered his freedom if he can rescue her. The space prison loses power while the president’s daughter is on a goodwill mission and the power outage leads to the inmates being freed. Once Snow gets to the space station, information is leaked of why he is there to the inmates. This leads to an action packed movie filled with everything you could want.


“Slash: Made in Stoke 24/7/11

Made in Stoke is Slash’s live CD/DVD which was shot in Slash’s hometown of Stoke-On-Trent. This is the first live DVD that Slash has released during his solo career. As for the concert, Slash plays a bunch of his big hits as well as some songs off his latest CD. To see Slash playing with such emotion as this, was amazing, since it was the first time he had ever played a show at his birthplace. The CD/DVD also comes with several extras including an interview with Slash as he talks about what it meant for him to come back home and play.



Ultimate Classic Rock is a website dedicated to bring you news concerning older bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Pink Floyd. This site is excellent for finding out information on your favorite bands that came from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. The site also includes countdowns about bands, songs and guitarists. They also have information regarding what the bands are currently up to as well as concert information.



Notability is the definitive app for a college student. It’s priced at $0.99 but the app comes with several tools that come in handy. You can record audio on the app while typing, as well as organize your notes in folders and subjects. The app allows you to customize your app by choosing ink color, page design and font. This app also allows you to export anything so that you can e-mail notes or audio recordings that you have.

“History of Rock”:

The History of Rock app gives an in-depth look at rock music over the years, and talks about each decade’s major bands. The app gives a page of information on everything as well as having YouTube videos embedded in the app so that you can watch the band perform. They also give you a list of popular songs that you can listen to through iTunes. This app will give users an overview of the history while also exposing them to some new bands or moments in rock history.