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Meghan McNeice


“Kick the Boss”:

Have you ever had a dispute with your boss and wanted to throw him or her into the wall? Stab them with push pins? Set them on fire? Well now you can! This is one of the best stress reliving games available for the iPhone that allows you to be aggressive without losing your job. The game has multiple characters for you to beat up and after earning coins, you can buy more weapons and ammo. An even greater plus, you can download the game for free from your App Store. Nothing wrong with free finger therapy!


“Titanic 3-D”:

One of the greatest tragic love stories has returned to the big screen and in 3-D. Just when you think Leonardo Di Caprio can’t look any better, 3-D makes him look ravishing. There is nothing different about the story line, but it brings you back to the boat yourself with the cast. From the actual scraping of the iceberg onto the ship and the sinking of the boat, you really feel like you are amongst the crowd. This is one of the best movies to be seen in 3-D because of its impact and emotion.



Justin Bieber has done it again! With his new release of his single “Boyfriend” in the United States on March 26, he has teenage hearts pounding even harder. Keeping his fans involved, he asked them for a poll to help decide his single cover image. This single is different from his past songs and has a different sound to it. He no longer sounds like the little boy he once was, but now a grown man. Bieber may even start attracting older fans with his new tone. We can expect a new album to be released in the coming months.


“The Client List”:

Jennifer Love Hewitt shows some skin in the new Lifetime TV show “The Client List.” She is a mother of two and happily married to an injured football star, but the only thing keeping the family down is the job loss of both parents. The family is soon to face foreclosure on the house unless money is made. Hewitt’s character applies for a position at a massage salon, but doesn’t realize that the business is really a prostitution service. She accepts the job under pressure to save her family. Where the rest of the season will go, only Hewitt knows, but she tells viewers not to expect any more of a view than the lingerie she sports on the show.


“Linked In:”

Building a resume and figuring out what to add or cut can be difficult. Knowing that an employer will usually only read the first page and never putting a face to your name can be frustrating. With LinkedIn, you don’t have to leave anything out! LinkedIn allows you to post job history, education, related coursework accomplished, clubs and organizations, and also an objective or about me section. Employers can now contact you for job opportunities based on your LinkedIn profile description. You can connect with professors and other colleagues all over campus. This is a good way to get your name out there and show others what you’re capable of doing post college.