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Cassandra Clayton


Assholes Finish First:

Author Tucker Max’s first two books, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” and “Assholes Finish First” are both New York Times Best Sellers. In “Assholes Finish First” he takes the reader into his world of sex, drinking and “being awesome.” Each chapter entails a different story from his life. They range from being the Duke Law grad-student with a mega-horn, to drunk driving a rented RV through the streets of Harlem. Most readers will either completely despise him or want to be him. Most will find him absolutely hilarious though. Almost every story is focused around sex, so it’s for mature audiences, but it is 378 pages of pure laughter. It may seem like a long book at first, but the reality is that the font changes size throughout and often in all caps, and there are huge spaces in between most paragraphs so it ends up being a fairly quick read.


GCB: Good Christian Belles:

Think “Gossip Girl” meets “Desperate Housewives” and then add a big heap of Texas. This show has everything: gossip, sex, death, money and lack there of, and even bejeweled crosses. It is a comedy-sitcom that is based of off the semi-autobiographical novel from Kim Gatlin, “Good Christian Bitches.” This show, in its humor, also criticizes the stereotypically wealthy Christian; it satirizes how they “shall love they neighbor,” but don’t; it pokes fun of how the saying “gossip is the devil’s radio” goes forgotten, and the pure greed that all of these women posses. It comes as a surprise to many viewers that this show has not sparked controversy among Christian believers. The only thing that has been a major controversy was the name: the original title was changed by ABC to “Good Christian Belles” after activists thought the original name idea was too proactive and sexist.


Nokia Vibrating Tattoo:

In recent weeks notorious phone company Nokia has patented a new piece of technology that has a different way of letting you know your phone is ringing. It vibrates…your skin. According to the official patent, this device will connect to a magnetic field and transfer a ‘perceivable stimulus’ to the one wearing the device. It will notify the user of a dead battery, incoming call or text. While this may seem extreme to have a magnetic field catcher lying hidden under a tattoo on your skin, don’t get scared away. The vibrating tattoo is just their most marketed and media-focused form of the idea thus far. There has also been talk that you can have it as a badge; keeping the creepy Sci-Fi technology at a more non-invasive level. They even promote that you can have different vibrations for different alerts such as a text versus a call, and one contact versus another contact.


You, Me, and Everyone We Know

You, Me, and Everyone We Know was a band from Baltimore. Front man, Ben Liebsch was the band’s singer and song writer as well as the band’s downfall. Even though they are no longer a band, everyone needs to check their stuff out, minus their last CD (even they regret producing it). Their first two EPs Party for the Young and Sexy and So Young, So Insane are rare finds and you won’t find yourself disliking any of the songs. They have a been compared to Say Anything and Panic! At the Disco, however they still have a sound all of their own thanks to Ben’s unique vocals. Ben is now living in Baltimore and working on a new semi-solo band under no current name; just recording demos.

Dear and the Headlights

Dear & the Headlights, although currently split up, is a great one. They only made two albums, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves and Drunk like Bible Times. They’re an indie rock band from Phoenix. They were critically acclaimed and toured with bands like Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Sound Track, Paramore, and The Plain White Tees. Guitarist and vocalist Ian Metzger has one of the most unique and noticeable voices Indie music has ever heard. The band never released why they broke up and there had been no talk of any of the members forming a new one.