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Kiefer Sutherland has returned to Fox Network in a new series called “Touch.” Sutherland, formerly of “24” fame where he played anti-terrorist government agent Jack Bauer, has changed his tone to become Martin Bohm, a former journalist who now cares for his autistic son Jacob after the death of Bohm’s wife. Danny Glover guest stars as Professor Arthur Teller, an expert on gifted children. Martin soon learns from Teller that his son might possess an ability known as numerical clairvoyance, or the ability to predict future events based on number patterns. “Touch” utilizes several different plot lines, including incorporating characters who live in different countries or even on different continents, to tell a story that only becomes apparent at the end of the episode. “Touch” was broadcasted simultaneously around the world for its second episode on March 22, which is right in line with the producers’ stress on the theme of a unified world. Fans of “24”, “Flash Forward,” and “LOST” will likely find “Touch” interesting, and a select few will even find the show’s themes to be inspiring. “Touch’s” the pilot episode drew 12 million viewers, and is currently running on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.



John and Nikki: Pranksters in Love:

Flour bombing, ghost chili spaghetti sauce, and proposing to your girlfriend ten seconds after dumping a bucket full of green goo on her head; these are just a few of the pranks John and Nikki have pulled on each other over the past three years. An engaged couple living in California, John and Nikki know how to spice their romance up…by dumping buckets of ice-cold water on each other. A collection of videos ranging from three to eight minutes long, John and Nikki pull traditional pranks like “flour bombing” (also known as antiquing), but some of the more elaborate pranks include John taking apart a shower head and inserting blue powder dye so Nikki’s blonde hair gets destroyed. John and Nikki also run a separate video blog channel, where they post longer videos.

Cracked is a humor website that features fun and often times interesting “articles.” Cracked is similar to CollegeHumor, for fans of the much more well known and well-established joke website that targets college students, but Cracked is smarter than most people realize. “3 Money Making Tips (We Can’t Legally Recommend),” “Six Unlikely Friendships (That Make No Damn Sense),” and “So You’re About To Be Eaten By A Lion” are just a few of the articles featured on the front page currently, and the site tries to focus mainly on loopholes in popular culture. There are also historical articles, though, that are more factually based like “The 5 Most Unintentionally creepy Gifts given to Presidents.” If you’re looking for a good laugh and a way to kill time while learning things you never would think to look up, Cracked is the way to go.



Sam Tsui:

Sam Tsui is a YouTube artist who frequently collaborates with other YouTubers like Christina
Grimmie to put a new spin on pop song favorites. Tsui has recorded covers of Maroon 5, Usher, Jason Mraz, and even Michael Jackson, and even auditioned to be on the cast of “Glee,” but was turned down. Nonetheless, Tsui has continued his career on YouTube; gaining a devoted following, and has been posting videos since early 2010. Like fellow YouTuber, Conor Maynard, Tsui is on the rise and has a very good chance of being signed by a major record label within the next few months.



Men In Black III:

     Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as Agent J and Agent K in this follow up to the 1997 smash hit, and to the 2002 sequel that proved to be a less than stellar encore to the original film. Ten years later, Smith and Jones are reprising their roles as the MIB team to kick even more alien butt. The movie is scheduled for a May 25 release, but it’s never too early to check out the trailers.