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Brandon Osborne


The Grey

Liam Neeson’s new movie is about survivors of a plane crash in Alaska struggling to survive as they are hunted by a pack of wolves. They accidently end up in the wolves den area and they tend to fend off the intruders. The survivors must then ban together and attempt to get away from the wolves while keeping an eye for any sort of ambush the wolves may try. Neeson delivers an amazing performance as Ottway, the leader of the men who survive the crash. This movie plays on strong emotions from loss of a loved one, to wanting to quit when it seems the world is against you. Anyone who is a fan of survival movies or Liam Neeson will not be disappointed with this one.

The Vow

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams play a married couple who are involved in a car accident one night. After the crash, McAdams’ character, Paige, loses her memory and can no longer remember her husband or any of their life together. Her husband, Leo (Tatum), then must spend his time getting his wife to fall back in love with him. Tatum and McAdams provide a wonderful performance filled with strong chemistry between the two. This movie is more than just a chick flick as it really goes into the “what if” category when it comes to true love.


Band of the Day

Band of the day is the first daily music magazine app that introduces you to a new band or artist everyday through expert insight and reviews. The app gives you a band history as well as top songs, photos and videos. The app is for the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch. Any music fan who wants to be introduced to new bands or broaden their music horizon will love this app. The app’s layout is a calendar in which you can view the current band of the day or any of the previous bands of the day.

Scene It Movies 2:

Scene It Movie 2’s new movie app provides movie fans with the next generation of movie trivia games. The trivia is divided up into several categories ranging from horror to comedy. The movie content is pulled from over three decades of Hollywood’s biggest films. The questions vary from multiple choice, fill in the band, guess the movie and many more. The app also has a store so that fans can download more questions so that the game never gets old. The app also has a party mode so that friends and family can play.


UFC Undisputed 3

THQ released its next installment in the UFC franchise on Feb. 14 as UFC 3 will hit stores. The game features the Bantamweight and Featherweight fighters for the first time. It also has players taking their characters through the Pride fighting circuit before they fight in the UFC. They also have 2 controller layouts with one designed for experienced players and the other for beginners. The game also features a new submission system which will feature an octagonal gauge for the submission. UFC 3 gives players a polished fighting game that they will enjoy.