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The Radford University Art Gallery on main street is currently hosting “Finding a Voice: Articulation in Silence”, an art gallery featuring art by Radford University faculty and staff. The gallery is free to view and is located at 1129 East Main Street; and, while free, is closed on Sundays. The art showcased inside the gallery comes from various different styles, artists, and mediums of creation, such as realism, digital art, surrealism, oil on paint, and more. It is a gallery worth checking out for yourself if you get the chance, which you do if you have free time since it’s only about a five-minute walk from campus, and is something that only the paintings themselves can do justice to.

While I was at the gallery, I spoke to the woman currently looking after the gallery. While this was a first for me, the woman had obviously seen previous galleries put on by the university; as she states that due to the variety of artists and the way that they create and represent their works. She had made reference to the term ‘eye of the beholder’, wherein it is up to the individual observer to make the meaning and feeling of a portrait for themselves, as they way each person may view it is different. The term is definitely used well, as several paintings contrast with themselves, such as a corruption-like object taking the center of a flower-filled field.

The gallery will run until Thanksgiving break, officially closing on November 16; until then, the gallery will be open during normal business hours every day except for Sunday. Prints of some of the portraits are available at the front desk for $15, while signed versions are available for $20. As well, there are two other on-campus art galleries; one in Covington and one in Porterfield Room 205 which will be covered in the coming weeks. Again, words cannot adequately describe these paintings, so below are some samples which will hopefully inspire you to take the short walk to the gallery and experience the portraits for yourselves.

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