Finals Exams: Our Survival Guide to the Most Insane Week at Radford University

There is dread in the cold winter air as finals slowly approach us. Here is a quick survival guide to overcoming that dread!

By Morgan Hutcheson |

There is dread in the cold winter air as finals slowly approach us. The final hurdle before we can go home to our families and enjoy the festive period.

Here is a quick survival guide for the remaining weeks on Radford’s campus:

I will spare the gory details of how to study. I expect at this stage of your academic career you have been lectured more than enough times on how to highlight notes and the importance of pledging allegiance to the study guide. As well as suffering through the all too painfully obvious suggestion of not studying the night before.

Studying how to study was never my favorite paradox.

Finals result in a human-like hibernation. The nights grow darker and students begin retreating to the comfort of their cozy homes (well as cozy as a student’s homes can get) to study. I get it, there is little temptation to don twenty layers and traipse through over-glorified frozen rain but studying around others can really prevent the study blues.

Where to Study

There is a variety of study spots around Radford’s campus. While my swipe is strikingly low at this point in the semester, the siren call of grounded coffee beans always lands me in Starbucks. I hasten to add that the coffee shop also has an enticing Christmas playlist playing from morning to evening, one that cheers up all ill equations you cannot solve.

However, if you have more self-control than I do, there are plenty more inexpensive places to open your textbooks. The rest of the CHBS building and the library are always reliable options.

I also have the tendency to weigh myself down with the heavy workload of finals, rather than the good healthy weight of a dumbbell in hand. I can sit and cram at a desk for hours upon hours; if you pull the chair away from me my body would remain in its L-shape formation.

And When to Stop

If you find yourself staring at the laptop screen with your mind straying from one irrelevant thought to the next, take yourself out of the finals bubble for a simple half an hour and move, take a break. Exercise allows your brain to have a moment to re-charge while you crunch, peddle, and dunk away the stress.

If exercise turns out to be the only thing you would consider to be less desirable than weeks of studying, lend yourself to a moment of stretching. Your extended arms have no doubt become accustomed to their zombie-like position on the keyboard by now.

While there is no denying the importance of finals, allow yourself to have some fun. This constant notion of ‘study study study’ or whatever unhealthy mantra you assign yourself for finals week is best avoided when relaxing with friends.  Fun may not be able to come in its regular form of a full-weekend extravaganza, but you can tame yourself down to a quiet night in with friends or a sensible amount of hours video gaming together.

Enjoying yourself is yet another stress reliever, one that takes your mind off that seemingly unattainable A.

There we have it, simple yet effective ways to beat the study blues. Getting good grades does not mean cutting all ties with joy. Well done for taking some time out of your hectic study schedule to sit and enjoy this article. Good luck to all in their finals and happy holidays!

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