Finals 101

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Jennifer Bennett | The Tartan

Well, it is that time again. The weather is nice and finals are looming over our heads. If you are like me, you are not even close to ready for finals, but more than ready for the semester to be over with. Here are some tips that could make studying for finals a little bit more bearable.

This may seem like an obvious one, but do not start studying for finals the night before the big exam. By studying the night before, you are giving yourself one opportunity to recall the information that you need in order to do well on the exam. This is especially the case if your final exam is cumulative. You would have an entire semester’s worth of notes and lectures to go over and to make sure that you know.

Towards the end of the semester especially, things get really chaotic. You have to go to class, start working on final projects, write papers, and studying for finals. It is very important to schedule out the time that you have in the day so that you know you can get all of the work finished that you need to get done. Scheduling out your week may seem tedious, but trust me it is worth it to know exactly how long you have to do each thing and to ensure that you have time to do everything.

Even if you have multiple final exams on the same day, do not study for more than one on the same day especially if the material is similar. If it is similar, it is possible that you could mix up the information and get bad grades on both. Your brain will be taking on too much information at once and that could lead you get a headache. For me at least, if I have a headache I cannot focus on anything that I am studying.

Try to do most of your studying in the morning. Even if you are not a morning person, most people have the most of energy in the morning because they have not done anything that could be considered exhausting. I know that this might not be an option for those of you who have morning classes.

If you have friends that are in your class with you, try to form a study group! For some people making a study group and having other people to work with makes it easier to learn different materials and have them remember it for the exam. Sometimes all it takes is for someone who is not your professor to explain the material to you and to get it from someone else’s perspective.

Make sure you know how the exam is going to be presented. If the final exam is going to have mostly essay based questions, make sure that you know the little details so that you will have more content to work with. However, if the exam is multiple choice, it is a little bit easier to do well.

Lastly, give yourself some time to relax before the exam. I have found that studying right before the exam will leave you feeling more anxious than if you did not study right before your final exam.

We have made it through the end of the semester. This is the last week of classes, and then by the end of next week we are done! Good luck on your finals everyone!