Fence: Big distraction for graduation


I, like most of the class of 2012, have been waiting for graduation since last semester. Some of us have been waiting since freshman year. However, this is a bittersweet moment in our lives in which a chapter is coming to a close. We have new chapters opening; whether it’s graduate school or those ‘big boy/girl’ jobs. Either way, we have a huge ceremony to look forward to. But, like any other commencement ceremony there comes a long, and what seems like an endless ceremony to get to the part we actually want to hear; that we’re done. We’ve graduated.
This ceremony should be exciting for each of us and for our families and friends that have traveled far to see us walk across the stage to receive our diplomas. Yet there is something that bothers me about our ceremony.
Did anyone truly know who our commencement speaker was before he was announced as our speaker for graduation? I’ll be honest; I had to look him up on Google. Maybe I just don’t pay much attention to our Virginia government officials, but I figured we might have someone we know. Virginia Tech is having Michelle Obama speak at their ceremony this year. Michelle Obama, our first lady is going to be miles away from Radford and we will be hearing a hopefully inspiring speech from our Lt. Governor Bill Bollings. I’m not saying that his speech won’t touch our hearts and leave us inspired to do great things, but I wouldn’t have known who he was unless I had used a search engine.
Just as bothersome, we have to have our families come see our campus with fences and construction. Moffett Hall, one of the biggest buildings on campus is being surrounded by a fence and we have to sit in front of it for our main ceremony. If you’re a major in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, we get to see in front of a fence the whole entire ceremony. Moffett should be unfenced for graduation. It’s going to take away from the beautiful and momentous occasion that is graduation.  At least cover the fence for graduation, or just remove it for the day and put it back up afterward.
Graduation is one of the biggest moments in each college senior’s life. We should get the most out of each minute we’re there with our peers.
Just remember, no matter who gives that inspiring speech, no matter the construction and the fences, you did it. You made it. You’ve gotten to achieve the somewhat unachievable; graduating college. Now all we have to do is find jobs and wait a few months for our degrees to come in the mail.

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