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Aaron Farmer | afarmer@radford.edu

Radford Students packed the MAC court in the Recreation and Wellness Center on campus last Tuesday night to put together after-care kits for survivors of sexual assault.

The event was organized by Fear2Freedom, a global non-profit dedicated to restoring victims of sexual assault while also spreading awareness on college campuses.

“We all wanted to come out and support this,” said Hannah Rosen, a Health Education major and goalie for the Radford women’s lacrosse team.

“We did this last year, and it had a big impact on us … it’s always good to help,” she said.

More than 500 students attended the event to help assemble after-care kits – called F2F kits – for local hospitals that care for victims of sexual assault.

Founder of Fear2Freedom Rosemary Trible said she started the charity when she realized that victims of sexual assault were leaving hospitals in paper gowns after their clothing and personal belongings were taken as evidence.

The kits contain simple things like a t-shirt, sweatpants, toiletries – and even a personal note and teddy bear from the student or volunteer who assembled the kit.

Students from different organizations, from fraternities to sports teams, came out to help assemble kits and support Fear2Freedom’s powerful message.

“We thought it was something we could all get behind,” said Chase Thompson, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Thompson said about a dozen members of his fraternity were present.

“We did this last year, and it had a big impact on us,” said Hannah Rosen, a health education major and goalie for Radford’s women’s lacrosse team.

“Our coach is always telling us to reach out and things for the community … it’s always good to help,” she said.

Several officers from the Radford University Police were also in attendance, and stressed the importance of listening to victims of sexual assault and encouraging them to come forward.

“We’re trying our best to make sure that those [sexual assaults] are reported, and give them all the avenues to do that,” said Interim Chief David Underwood.

“We want to help support this event,” he said.

Other local sponsors included the Radford Women’s Resource Center and Radford University’s Student Activities office.

After the kits were complete, some were loaded onto an ambulance bound for Carillion Hospital where they could be used for those in need, and more were carried across town by Radford students to the Women’s Resource Center.

For more information on Fear2Freedom and upcoming events, visit their website at www.fear2freedom.org.