Fashion show brings millions of viewers

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Jackie Salzano

Nov. 29 was named the sexiest night on television. CBS broadcasted the premiere of the television special of the 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. There was an estimated 10.3 million views of the 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion show; the biggest audience since 2002. This particular year, it was estimated at about a $12 million production. It was the most anticipated television special of the season.

This is not any ordinary fashion show. This specific show is different from other fashion shows for numerous reasons. It has musical performances, the audience is packed with star studded celebrities, and they had a sideline show by showing what is going on back stage in between runway walks.

Victoria Secret always goes all out with lighting, stage props and scenes. This year they had six different themes: Ballet, Superhero, Passion, Aquatics, Spell on You, and Club Pink. By providing such different categories, it makes the show diverse and appeal to many different audiences.

The producers and designers always go big with the stage sets and lighting. However this year I think the producers took a step back on the stage props and they toned it down from what has been shown in previous years. This was a positive because the viewers could focus more attention on the models, their outfits and most importantly their wings!

This year the designers went all out on their $2.5 million bra that model Miranda Kerr opened the Aquatic section with. The lingerie is bedazzled with approximately 3,400 gems, with 142 carats of diamonds, pearls, citrines, and aqua marines.

The key reasoning for ladies and men to enjoy watching this show is because of the confidence and fun that the girls portray to the audience. Each angel enters the runway and exudes that they love what they are doing. They deviate from the normal model look; they get into a different character with each outfit. They use different facial and body movements and it is not as main stream or serious as other fashion shows.

Also, the musical performances draw in different audiences. Who would pass up watching your favorite artist perform while you are in the comfort of your own home? It also lets fans see singers sing their number one hits in a different setting.

In years past, the show has featured different ways to portray the holidays. My only and biggest disappointment this year was that there was no holiday or Christmas part. That is always my favorite part, but that just means I’ll have to tune in next year.
What keeps people coming back is the diversity of girls. Just as no two outfits ever look the same, neither do two girls. Everyone has their veteran favorites but there are always new rookie faces each year.

Victoria Secret Angels are seen as America’s sweethearts. The brand Victoria Secret has become so well-known and widespread that people watch because they want the opportunity to walk in this famous fashion show just like these models.