Family Weekend gave family members a look inside RU

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Rebecca Knicely

At Radford University, the first weekend of October brings smells of fall, cooler weather and the families of university students.
Junior Hunter Preddy spent his weekend with his mother Shelly Preddy and grandmother Carolyn Rimmert, who visited for the family weekend festivities.
“It would have been nice to have a staff member in the new business building to be like, gosh-look what we have to offer your child,” Shelly Preddy stated.

The new College of Business and Economics building (COBE) is where the majority of Preddy’s classes take place.  His family was excited to see what all the talk was about but left disappointed because no faculty members were there to direct their questions to.
“James Madison’s parent’s weekend was filled with refreshments and faculty that were excited to show off their university,” Rimert explained.

Although Preddy’s family had constructive criticism about the setup of Radford’s family weekend, they had plenty of positives that they loved about their visit.

“I enjoyed the dog show,” Preddy stated.  Located outside of the Bonnie, the department of student activities threw a “Mutt Mixer.”  The students and community of Radford brought their dogs to enjoy activities and relay races.  Families and students gathered to socialize and share their love for dogs.

Families enjoy visiting their students at RU to learn their routine of where they have classes, meet friends for lunch, and where they hangout during their nightlife.

Radford held many events for the families that came to visit, from the Fall Dance Fest presented by the dance department, the Fall Fashion show held by the interior design and fashion departments and at the end of the weekend a family weekend brunch held in the Dalton Dining Services before families headed home.
“I love the cleanliness here and how Radford paired the Highlander games with parent weekend,” Preddy continued, “that was really fun.”