Fall Dance Fest heated up stage during Family Weekend

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Rebecca Knicely

The dance department rocked the Bondurant Auditorium with their Fall Dance Fest performance.

For family weekend, the department put on a presentation of dance as part of Radford University’s Arts Program.  The auditorium was packed with parents, faculty and students eager to watch the show.
The department stated on its website, “The concert will incorporate a wide spectrum of movement styles featuring original choreography by the dance faculty and guest choreographers.”

The performance started out with a standard piece of Waltz of the Flowers from the “Nutcracker.” The Radford University dance soloists in this number include: Shandi Honaker, Kristen Jameson, Haley Race, and Korynne Waits.  The soloists shine in this piece with classical ballet that tell a well-known traditional tale.
The show continued with the jazz number “Big Man on Mulberry Street,” a song by Billy Joel, which had the crowd tapping their feet.

Sole Play, LIFE, and Encountering the Shadow were the preceding pieces to the performance followed by a questionnaire where the faculty, choreographers and dancers answered questions asked by the audience.
“There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, it’s our job to make it look effortless,” stated Margaret Devaney, a professor and Radford Department of Dance Administrator.
The Radford dance department set time aside to ask the audience how they felt about their performance.
When a viewer asked whether the dancers ran the piece “Encountering the Shadow” from beginning to end every time during rehearsal Nicki Shackleford, a Radford dancer, was quick to state, “Every single time we ran it all the way through.”

The audience’s main interest was learning what the dancers took away from their performance.  “We learned to strip down ourselves to see who we really are,” a dancer from the Fall Dance Fest explained.
Bob Boross, an assistant professor in the Radford dance department, made a point to inform the crowd about their time constraint, “The time period to learn these dances were very short; Four weeks they work, work and work like crazy.”
The dance department invites everyone to come out to their performances, where they work hard to create a show to entertain the community of Radford.  Their next piece, “The Nutcracker” is debuting on Dec. 7.