Fall 2021 Registration Information for Students

Restrictions and requirements for Fall 2021 registration are widely different from the registration process of Spring 2021 semester.

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Photo by Adolfo Félix: Radford University's OneCampus has a new Registration Landing Page for students containing several links to prepare for registration.

By Kylee Walling | kewalling@radford.edu

The Office of the Registrar has announced the registration process for Fall 2021 classes.

Radford University’s OneCampus has a new Registration Landing Page for students containing several links to prepare for registration.

One link, the Prepare for Registration tab, has the status and time of registration for students. It also has information regarding any holds registered with student accounts that will prevent registration.

The Plan Your Schedule tab offers an opportunity for students to build their schedules. Students can register these pre-schedules when times open for them. A video tutorial is offered on the Registration Information on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Browse Classes allows students to see offered classes for the upcoming semester.

Another link, the Browse Course Catalog tab, lists all courses associated with the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. The email notes explicitly that not all courses are offered every semester.

The last link available, mentioned in the email, is the Register for Classes tab. Here, students can search and register for classes when their time slots open. A video tutorial is also offered to the Office of the Registrar’s website to help a student navigate this new registration process.

When registering, students should also be aware of their Registration Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). This PIN is required for undergraduate students to register. Graduate students do not need a PIN.

Undergraduate students should contact a faculty advisor, the college advising center, or an Academic Success Center advisor for more information. The Office of the Registrar can also help students regarding PINs.

Registration start times are, according to the email, “prioritized according to student classification, e.g., seniors begin before juniors, juniors begin before sophomores, etc.”

Graduate students are not prioritized. Registration for graduate students begins at 7 a.m. on April 5.

Active-duty servicemembers and veterans have priority. The email states that more information can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

On April 19, temporary restrictions will be lifted. Also at this time, students that are approved to overload their schedules can begin registering for more than 18 credit hours.

Similar to this 2020-2021 school year, many courses will keep course modality attributes. The following define those attributes for registering:

Distance Learning; Asynchronous course will be entirely online in an asynchronous format.

A Distance Learning; Synchronous indicating course will also be entirely online but in a synchronous modality.

Blended Learning; Split attendance Asynchronous course will meet in groups. According to the email, in-person class time will continue, but “course material will be available in an asynchronous modality (i.e., Zoom).”

A Blended Learning; Split attendance; Synchronous course will meet in groups. In-person class time will occur, but online course material will be mediated in a synchronous modality.

Blended Learning; Flipped Asynchronous class will meet once during the week with the entirety of the class in-person. All in-person class time will resume as scheduled, but course materials will be in an asynchronous format online.

Blended Learning; Flipped Synchronous course will meet once a week with the full class enrollment and offer course materials online in a synchronous modality.

Courses that fail to indicate one of the above items will meet in-person at the scheduled times and locations.

Concerning course overrides, “Only department chairs and school directors in individual departments and schools have the authority to override a prerequisite requirement, a course capacity limit, or a time conflict with another course. Overrides are given electronically through our student information system,” is what was stated in the email to students.

Students should register for course overriding classes the same as their other courses.

OneCampus also offer access for students to view their Degree Audits. Errors should be reported to the Office of the Registrar.

Additional registration information and resources can be found on OneCampus and through the Office of the Registrar’s website or by calling 540-831-5271 for main campus students and 540-985-8108 for Radford University Carilion (RUC) students.

The Office of the Registrar is open from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and can be found on the main floor of Heth Hall for main campus students or Suite 417-419 at RUC.