Facebook: Fun or fundamental in reconnecting?

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Rachel Henry

Email: Rhenry4@radford.edu

The majority of the population either has, heard of, or knows someone who has a Facebook. However, a considerable percent of these people utilize this communication device with only those in their own immediate community. Many people do not take advantage of the fact that, thanks to Facebook, they are now able to connect with people all around the world.

Only a limited amount of people, including Kattia Liebers, native of Costa Rica who now resides in Philadelphia, are able to say that they have reunited with those they thought were originally once lost forever. When her son, Jared Liebers, was 5 years old his father, Kattia’s ex-husband, fled the country with him to escape the custody battle over Jared.

An experience of separation like this is an age-old story known by many across the world, but the ability to reconnect with the loved ones they had lost is an advanced concept to many in older generations.

Kattia heard nothing of her son, or his survival, until over a decade later when she received a message on Facebook asking “Hi, is this Kattia Chacon Sanchez by any chance?”

After numerous exchanges she realized that this was, in fact, Jared, her long lost son. He recently moved to his mother’s house in Philadelphia after he had been living in Israel with his father for the past 12 years.

Facebook, of all things, made this reunion possible; something that merely a decade ago would have only been a dream. Modern technology, such as Facebook, has made, and will continue to make, reconnecting with familiar and new people all around the world much simpler than in the past.

This newfound ability should be employed to the best of its ability to stay in touch with loved ones whether they be in your local community, another state, or halfway around the world.