Extra credit became moving experience


Meghan McNeice

Students pass by bulletin boards on campus every day and don’t take a moment just to glance at what clubs and organizations are offering throughout the week. I admit, I’m one of those students.

If it weren’t for CORE 202 and the want of some extra credit for attending a screening put on by the Invisible Children group here at Radford, I wouldn‘t have the slightest idea what was happening on the other side of the world and the effect one war has on children.

Children in Uganda are being abducted from their homes and forced into becoming soldiers in a civil war that’s been going on for decades. Parents send their children- boys and girls- to the city at nights just to avoid abduction because they aren’t safe in their own towns and homes. If the child is abducted, they’re forced into armies and trained to use weapons just as big as they are in order to become killing machines.

Many people have heard of the organization Invisible Children but don’t know the impact they truly have on children overseas. These are regular teens that go out of their way and spend hours, days, months, even years forming bonds with children in Uganda and other neighboring countries that have been affected by the war. They aid in the process of helping displaced children and getting them back on their feet.

I’m sure that every organization on campus with a cause feels the exact same passion I felt sitting in that room watching and listening to guest speakers talk about the major problems in Uganda. A topic such as this really pulls at your heart strings and makes you want to get involved and make a difference in the world, even if it’s just a small one.

Students should use their time in college to at least try to get involved in clubs and organizations that make an impact somewhere the world. It feels good to know that you’re helping someone elsewhere who needs it.

The film that was shown to us was so powerful that it even had some of the guys in the room drying their eyes. Afterwards; dozens of students signed up to become members of the club here and signed up to participate in ‘25,’ a 25 hour vow of silience to respect those in Uganda and help support the cause through Invisible Children.  Invisible Children is a great cause to become a part of; but it’s not the only way to get involved for a good cause!

Philanthropy through fraternities and sororities on campus are good ways for students to get involved and make a difference in society. Most organizations aren’t heavily time-consuming. They usually ask for you to attend one weekly meeting and maybe an event once a month. If your schedule is still too busy for that just keep an eye out, whether it be a small contribution through a bake sale or donating a can for the hungry, you can do more than you think without doing much at all.