Express yourself with bumper stickers


Create your own bumper sticker was an event provided by R-space this past week. Students lined up in the Bonnie at lunchtime to express their creative freedom to stick the back of their car

There was a table set up on the stage with multiple R-space members including, Molly Shifflett and Toni Bruno who were working at the end of the table laminating the stickers.

The process started with a book of designs you could choose from. Designs included a wide range of options, from blank stickers where you could choose your own text, to monograms, and even “I love college” stickers.

Students were handed a sticky note and asked to write the number of the design and the text they wanted on the sticker. An R-space member then put it in the computer and printed it out on sticker paper, four bumper stickers per sheet of paper. Then they worked as a team to laminate and cut out each individual sticker.

The process was a bit lengthy, but worth it. There were all kinds of different stickers that I saw being made. I myself of course made a Tartan sticker, but I also saw a green one that said “came to climb” an, “RU Rockers” and every sorority on campus (not literally, but it felt like it).

Again, R-space held a fun event to take a quick mental break from school. If you haven’t been to an R-space event, I would definitely recommend going sometime during the school year. These guys know how to help you have fun and forget about stress.