English Club presents Horror Story Contest


Brittany Jeglum

The English Club at Radford University is proud to present their fifth annual Horror Story Contest. Story submissions are open to all who apply in or outside of the university. Prizes are awarded to the winner, as well as, those who come in close second and third. Stories have ranged from scary to humorous throughout the years.

The English club is honored to have RHW Dillard as their contest judge this year.

“In the past, the English Club judged entries themselves or asked for volunteers from the English department,” April Asbury, English Club advisor said. “This year marks the first time we have a guest judge —someone off campus—which makes the judging more fair and consistent, as well as allowing more people in the club and department to participate.”

Dillard, born in Roanoke, Virginia, is known widely as a fiction writer and screenwriter for the 1965 cult classic “Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.” Dillard received his Bachelor of Arts from Roanoke College and his Master of Arts and Ph. D. from the University of Virginia.

Known famously as a poet and writer of critical essays, Dillard has won numerous awards for his writing such as the Academy of American Poets Prize, the O. B. Hardison, Jr. Poetry Prize, and the Hanes Award for Poetry. He was also awarded the George Garrett Award for Service to Contemporary Literature by the Association of Writers & Writing Programs in 2007.

Dillard is the influence to many contemporary writers and to students at Hollins University where he teaches creative writing, literature, and film studies.

To submit your story to the contest: send all stories to @engclub@radford.edu as a word document or rich text (rtf). E-mail should include name, mailing address, and phone number, with the exclusion of you name in the story itself.
Stories are limited to 3,500 words or 14 pages, double-spaced, standarard 10-12 point fond. Submissions must indicate whether they are horror or comedy. All stories must be your own, upublished work.

By submitting, your agree the English Club may publish your work once, in whole or parat in their winner’s collection. Dealines for submission are Oct. 21 at midnight.