Election updates are underway: New candidates take lead in the polls

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Brooke Embree

Election campaigns are underway as Republicans and Democrats are already beginning to battle out who should hold office in 2012.
The GOP have already had several debates covering issues from healthcare, higher taxation, social security, to border control. Now, they are continuing to run against members of their own party for control of the White House.
With a long list of potential presidential candidates, the latest polls for the New Hampshire Republican Primary, according to Real Clear Politics Latest Polls, announced the following candidates as follows: Romney 39, Perry 18, Paul 13, Huntsman 7, Bachmann 5, Palin, Gingrich 4, and Cain 4. This week’s polls show Romney with the higher percentage approval rating, beating out Perry, who has continually been a favorite among the Republicans.
Both Perry and Romney consistently hold the highest approval ratings within the GOP. Palin, who held on to an eight voting percentage mark, was not listed in the last debate. Rather, she was preceded by her fellow female opponent, Michelle Bachmann.
President Obama is also struggling for his role in this election of 2012 process. With a decreasing job approval rating, he is working hard to prove to Americans he is on their side and not to lose hope in him.
According to H. Norpoth of the Huffington Post, “Change will take time to be implemented. At such moments in history, one may suspect, the public is willing to show some patience with the efforts of the new administration to work its magic. But when two terms are up the public may no longer be inclined to give the administration the benefit of the doubt.”