Early Weather Outlook – Spring 2020


By: Dustin Staples | dstaples1@radford.edu

As most have probably seen so far this winter, we have experienced well-above-average temperatures, with little snowfall and a few periods of cold air. 

Since the start of the new year, January was one of the warmest on record this year, and February is continuing its legacy. 

The forecast for the remainder of winter is expected to stay at or above average, with few chances of snow and cold air coming down from Canada.

As March is on the horizon and we’re heading into the spring months, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association and Climate Prediction Center are forecasting at least 40% – 60% of warmer to above-average temperatures. For this upcoming spring forecast, the precipitation levels will be just at or above average.

For a forecast this far out, anything is subject to change and is never set in stone. For those snow lovers out there, maybe next winter will be the year for lots of snowy weather.

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Featured Image: (Joel Holland on Unsplash)

Dustin Staples

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