Impatient drivers now pay the price

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Stephanie Banus

At one time or another, we have all been in this position: you’re running late, trying to get to school or work in a hurry, and you see it ahead of you. It’s a stopped school bus, and the children are taking their sweet time to climb aboard.

Your stress reaches its maximum level as you start to roll your eyes and think to yourself, “Hurry up. Come on kids, some time today would be great!”

To pass the bus or not to pass; that is the ultimate question.

Many people go ahead and pass the bus in hopes of getting to their destination at a somewhat reasonable time. Some surprisingly do not even know that this is extremely illegal. Now is the time to realize it since your hard-earned cash could now be at stake.

I’m sure most people have fallen victim to a traffic camera or two. Those sneaky little devices can catch you running a red light or taking a turn on red without stopping. Then you get a nice little surprise in the mail in the form of a ticket for a couple hundred dollars. Ouch.

The city of Falls Church, Va. has decided to install cameras on school buses to catch those who pass stopped school buses. The fine for doing so is $250, which will be mailed to you automatically without your knowledge or consent.

Even though Falls Church is the first city to do so, I would assume many schools from surrounding areas in Northern Virginia will be implemening       the same rules. Don’t be surprised if this soon affects your hometown.

This might seem ridiculous, however, think of it this way: some children, especially young ones, do not think to look both ways before crossing the street. Kids will be kids; they just do dumb things sometimes, and they don’t deserve to lose their life over you trying to speed off to where you need to be on time. Think, how would you feel if your own child was almost killed by some impatient, crazy driver?

With this in mind, I strongly suggest you wake up and get out the door on time if you have tardiness issues (and I’m advising this on myself as well). It’s not worth hundreds of dollars, and nothing ever justifies risking an innocent child’s life for the sake of your own problems.






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