Dressing for Radford weather

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Tanasia Campos
tcampos1@ radford.edu

Radford is a pretty good school, but you have to admit that the weather here kind of sucks. It could be warm or decent weather one day, and rainy or snowy the next. Maybe it is just the elevation, but I am not really sure. The only thing we can really do is adjust to the ever-changing weather.

In times of severe weather changes, the best thing to do is layer up. Adding a hat, gloves, or a simple scarf can make all the difference. If it gets warmer, then you can take off some of those extra layers. If the weather gets colder, you can always put them back on.    

An umbrella is always a good item to have around – just in case. It is also a good idea to check the weather at night or in the morning before starting your day. This way you have a more accurate sense of what the weather will be like, and if it changes by the morning, then you can always adjust your outfit accordingly.

Another way to deal with changing weather is to just stay inside. Cold and windy days are the worst for going out. If you can, why not just save some energy and stay in? You could study, take a nice nap, or eat soup and drink tea to keep warm. If the weather gets better, then feel free to step out. Do not get me wrong, staying in is not just for cold days. It can also be for hot, dry days as well.

When the weather changes often, so can your immune system. You get random cold or flu symptoms out of nowhere, even in the summer. It is always a good idea to stock up on cough drops and cold medicines, getting plenty of Vitamin C, and eating healthy can help too. With a good balance of diet, exercise, and sleep, your immune system will be stronger. You never know when you might get sick, but when you do, you will be ready so those important classes do not get skipped and you do not fall behind.

One final thing that can help you survive this weird Radford weather is knowing the area. With the right knowledge of your area, it can help you prepare more along with the weather forecasts. Here in Radford when it rains, it can either be a sprinkle or a flood. For those of you used to this, you can most likely judge when or when not to wear rain boots. This instinct can help you save a pair of your loveliest shoes. It can also help for windy days, because you will be able to know the best way to style your hair if you do not want it to get messy. Radford does not have the best climate or weather, but if we learn to adjust, we will be just fine for the school years to come.