Dragon Ball Super: Broly – A Movie Review

2 min read I enjoyed Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The comedy pieces, the little easter eggs, the animations, the detail, and an original reboot of the Broly story.


By Evan Mason | emason3@radford.edu

Dragon Ball has been a long-running anime that was released in 1989 and has been on and off the air ever since.

It most recently re-aired on July 15, 2015, and has been wildly popular all over the world. Because of the re-release of the show, they have released two movies, and the most recent, taking place shortly after the event of Tournament of Power Arc in the first Dragon Ball Super movie, is Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Because this movie is a reboot of the original Broly movies, it left fans of the series a lot to be excited about, and it doesn’t disappoint. On the first day with a minimal release, it still made over $7 million and now up to $100 Million.

It has a bit of an origin story for Goku, Vegeta, Broly, and Frieza who is the main villain who destroys planet Vegeta, which I found to be a refreshing change to the original story. It gave some humanity to Goku’s dad despite the Saiyans being a savage race by providing an emotional reason for sending Goku to earth and saving his life before the planet is destroyed.

Fast forward to the future, and you get a scene that introduces new characters who befriend Broly. Not only do they add to the story but show Broly as someone who isn’t just full of rage, or a destroyer of worlds; but someone who is just being used by his father to do his bidding. You can sense his naivety and innocence in the conversations they have with him.

Finally, the battle which Broly’s father pushes Broly into a team up with Goku and Vegeta is the real highlight and a big portion of the movie. The combat had me on the edge of my seat with superb animation, and the slow build up of intensity as the fight became more fierce with everything around them being destroyed as the battle raged on. The sound effects, music, colors, and voice acting stand out and draws you deeper into the scenes.

The only things, in particular, I found disappointing about the movie was the beginning which takes place in the past, which I felt was a little rushed.

While it was a nod to the Dragon Ball Z movies, knowing those original stories made you wish they added a little more story before Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta.

The other thing that bothered me was that the ending was a little anticlimactic. There were two scenarios the protagonists could have ended at that moment potentially, but for the sake of fleshing out more future story-lines, it felt like an incredibly forced ending.

The Verdict
  • 9/10
    Dragon Ball Super: Broly - 9/10

You Mad Bro-ly?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. You can tell this movie was made for the fans with references to the shows, the well thought out comedy pieces, the little easter eggs, the surprises, the quality of the animations, attention to detail, and an original reboot of the Broly story.