Don’t make bad decisions while driving

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This is the last week of classes before exam week. With that being said, everyone’s in the mindset of getting projects done, writing papers, cleaning dorm rooms or apartments; so it’s not a hassle come exam week. That’s good for those who don’t procrastinate and have managed their time wisely, they won’t be in such a rush to pack and get the heck out of Radford to go home! But those who wait to the last minute for everything are probably those who are last minute packing and racing to get out of Radford and make 81 North a nightmare.

We’re all friends while in school so why is it that once we all hit the highway it becomes survival of the fittest? Everybody’s riding each others ends and not leaving enough braking room in between. Speeding is illegal, but somehow if other careful drivers aren’t keeping up doing at least ten over the speed limit, you’re going to get run off the road! The zig-zagging and weaving in and out of lanes at such fast speeds isn’t such a smart maneuver either.

Our staff agrees that it took everybody at least half an hour longer to get home for break than it usually does. We considered the factors that there would be traffic between Virginia Tech and Radford all piling on to 81, but we noticed there were more fender benders and other accidents than usual. No matter how fast or which way you go, do you really want it to be the last drive you ever take?

Cars are becoming more technological and are supposed to have all these features that make safe driving possible. But driving like a maniac isn’t going to keep you alive if you get into an accident. Fellow students PLEASE get off your phones. Everybody’s upgrading to iPhones or Droids with unlimited applications, and that alone can be a major distraction.

Let’s not all start winter break on the wrong foot with bad driving and frustration, but work together to help everybody get home safe and sound this holiday season.