Donald Trump’s Executive Order

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Denny Price |

President Brian Hemphill sent out an email on Monday to all faculty and students addressing the most recent Presidential executive order.

President Donald Trump recently put an executive in order in effect, which bans people from seven primarily Muslim countries from entering or exiting the United States for 90 days. The countries include Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia. Since this order has been in effect, it has raised concern for those who are from those countries. It has also brought on many protests all around the world.

In his email, President Hemphill talks about the executive order and in what ways it may affect the students at the university.

“At this time, Radford University does not have any students who are directly impacted. However, we as a campus community are mindful of the effect this action may have on our students, faculty, and staff,” stated President Hemphill.

While the university does not have any students who are in these seven banned countries at the moment, it does have students who have green cards and are dual citizens. He ensures everyone that the Radford University International Education Center is looking into this executive order as it develops. If any students or faculty members have any concerns about the executive order, they can contact them for more information.

Many people have different views on this new executive order but, President Hemphill reminds everyone of the university’s core values.

“As a campus community and a Radford family, we value the global perspectives and enriching experiences our international students bring to our great university and their many contributions to our scholarly work, thereby leading to new and profound experiences for all Highlanders,” stated Hemphill.

He informs everyone that no matter what is going on in the world, the University will stand as one and will still strive to make Radford University a great place for everyone to thrive.

“The Radford family is guided and united by the principles of civility, unity, and respect. These principles are at the heart of what Radford University is and aspires to be,” stated Hemphill. “It is our diversity that makes us better scholars and ultimately more conscious world citizens.”

He lets the students and faculty know that the university is doing everything to ensure the well-being of the university in regards to the recent changes in the world today.

“Radford University is fully committed to serving each member of our campus community and will continue to seek guidance from the Virginia Attorney General’s office and respond appropriately to any individuals who are directly impacted,” stated Hemphill.

The country may be divided, but under President Hemphill leadership Radford University is on track to staying unified.