Does online dating meddle with fate?


Dating is a difficult task, especially while in college.’s homepage states that 1 out of 5 relationships now start online.  There are many dating websites such as Plenty of Fish, Zoosk and Date My School geared towards younger people and college students. However, is online dating really the way to go?

Everything has become online now-a-days. From online shopping, to online classes, we can do virtually anything online, including dating.  However, online dating loses that sense of meeting someone for the first time and really getting that spark. As college students, we are still young and go out to parties, bars, coffee shops, everywhere. We still have so many opportunities to meet our future spouse or significant other in the real world, rather than the online world.

It is also very easy to create a completely different online persona. You can change your hair color, your body type, even your name.  According to, men are more likely to lie about their age, height and salary, while women are more likely to lie about their weight, body structure and age.  In fact, recent studies from, states that 1 out of 10 sex offenders use online dating websites. You never know who you are truly talking to when online.  Sure, there are many success stories about finding “the one” or “soul mates”, but most of the time it doesn’t work out that way.

MTV has recently come out with a new television show called “Catfish” that shows young adults experiences with online dating and the risks people take when dating online. In the show, many of these people have been dating someone online for quite a while without ever meeting the person.  When they finally go to meet their significant other for the first time, it ends up not being who they expected it to be.

Online dating seems to be taking over the world. Everyone is desperately trying to find their perfect significant other; but instead of letting miracles happen, we’re taking control. If you are signed up on a dating site, be sure to take precautions and know who you are really talking to, the real person behind that computer screen.

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