Do you see what I see?


With summer coming up, men and women all over always catch themselves trying to fix every little thing they can with their bodies in order to be comfortable with their appearance. Whether it is just simply popping a pimple or getting a complete body lift, it is evident that most people would like to change something about themselves. One factor that is impacting how we look at ourselves is the fashion industry. The fashion industry is filled with skinny models, designer bags, and lots of makeup. Some people live for these things, and others envy them. Over the past couple of years, there have been several controversial topics dealing with weight in the fashion industry. Concerned buyers are starting to wonder what, exactly, is “too skinny.” Weight isn’t the only issue in regard to the fashion industry; self-image in general is constantly being altered. These issues sometimes make people hesitant to want to pursue a career in the fashion industry that may lead to an overwhelming obsession with body image and desire to enhance one’s looks.
The fashion industry is filled with attractive people, but behind the glitz and glamour is a deceiving obsession with body image and weight. Runway models today are usually tall, skinny lanky girls. On the other hand, magazines all over the country are starting to become more diverse when dealing with size. Some magazines and fashion companies are against this idea and are stating that it will “promote obesity.”
Overall there are different views on what is healthy and what healthy isn’t. To some people, “healthy” is basically having an average body weight.
One age group that has the most problems with how they look is teenagers. According to Matt Chorley, author of Quick-Fix Diets Drive Teens to Hate Their Bodies,  “In the past 15 years, eating disorders have more than doubled”. The constant change in hormones and the pressure to fit in often cause extensive weight gain in teenagers. While in high school, teenagers often have trouble finding a place that they feel comfortable in. This may cause them to want to get more expensive clothes, dye their hair, and even take it to extreme levels and get plastic surgery.
These days, it seems like teenagers are never truly happy with what they look like. It’s the same in the fashion industry. When someone applies to a magazine job or similar position, the person hiring them will often pay more attention to their appearance than to their personality. This could be a hard challenge for anyone.

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