Do students really need a car on campus?

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Alexis Gardner |

One of the many great things about college is the amount of “free” activities students get to participate in. I say “free” because, in actuality, a lot of the costs are already covered through tuition. For an example, the sporting events are free for students. A lot of colleges do not have that perk, but Radford does. We get to attend games from basketball, lacrosse, softball, to tennis, and baseball, all for free! I truly do not believe students take as much advantage of this as they could.

Also, practically everything that R-SPaCE sponsors like tie dying t-shirts, the weekly movies in the Bonnie, guest speakers coming, all of that is free too. It is great how many things us students can do on campus that is already pain in our tuition.

One major thing that I feel like people really do not appreciate is the transit. Once you think about all of the places that the transit goes, is it really necessary to have a car on campus? I don’t think so, and at least not everyone. If you look at it this way, there is a possibility that in your friend group at least one person will have a car, therefore everyone having a car is not really needed if the buddy system is used. For an example, in my group of 8 friends, two of them have cars so we are all able to fit perfectly whenever we needed to go somewhere the bus does not go, but where would that be?

Walmart is a college necessity, and the 20 bus takes you there. It is the best of both worlds for college students; there are groceries and the everyday home essentials that would be needed for a college dorm room. There are also other things that Walmart has that college students would need. The 20 also goes to Kroger and there is a McDonald’s and small movie theater in that are

One place I went to a lot freshman year, and still continue to go to, is the mall. The mall may not be much down here in the New River Valley, but it is something. The 40 bus goes to the mall and it even runs late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, along with the 10 and 20. There are other things to do in the mall area though. There are multiple restaurants to eat at, a movie theater, and other stores like Best Buy, Ross, and Old Navy. The 40 also goes to Virginia Tech, a popular place for students especially during their football season. I personally go there just for the Chipotle, but that is just me.

I do not use the 10 bus as much, but I know how useful it can be, especially for students who live in Greenhill. The 10 just loops around campus every 10 minutes, and it is actually really convenient, even for people who do not live in Greenhill. For me, the 10 mostly comes handy when I do not feel like walking to the Dedmon Center to watch any of the sporting games, particularly in the winter time.

The 20, 40, and 10, are the main busses I use, but there are other busses like the 30, 50, and 60, that go to other places around Radford and also to Copper Beech.

There are other pros to taking the bus like how you ultimately save money because you do not have to worry about gas, buying a parking pass, and your car getting hit in one of the student parking lots. As sad as it is, it does happen sometimes so why take the risk when you can just take the bus.

I am sure there are other reasons than just going to the places above for why students decide to bring their cars. For out of state students, it may be harder for them to get home, so having a car ensures that they will always have a ride home. Also, some people may not like having to always wait for the bus. Or, the bus schedule may not work with their schedule. Everyone has their reasons and there is nothing wrong with that.

I understand that everyone has their preferences, but personally for me, I think that it makes the most sense to use what Radford has already given me, and take advantage of it (especially since it is free), so having a car is not totally necessary for me.