Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. All of our contact information is back on the Contact/Jobs page. – EIC

  • So you are thinking about delivering the weekly newspapers for The Tartan? Well, here is the job outline to get you started before you agree and get on the road.
  • You must have a driver’s license or past experience with driving a golf cart.
  • You must be a responsible person and driver.
  • On your first week delivering the paper, the editor-in-chief will ride with you in the cart to show you the ropes and how to properly use the golf cart.

Here are those ropes:

  • Go to Radford’s facilities management building across the bridge before 5 PM on Wednesday (you can not be a minute late).
    • I would recommend to start walking there at 4:15 PM
  • Go to the front desk and say that you are delivering papers for The Tartan Newspaper.
  • Then ask for a regular golf cart key.
  • The cart you are looking for says “paper” on the hood. Pick up the newspapers around back and just let the people back there know that’s what you are doing.
  • Take the old newspapers (which should be leftover in the golf cart from last deliver if the gate was closed) and drop them off back at Radford’s facilities management building when you are done.
    • The recycling bin that says “for The Tartan” is next to the door behind the gate: if the gate is closed, please leave the old papers in the cart and put them in the bin on next delivery.
  • If Geoff White put you in the system before 4:30 PM you should have all access to every hall on campus. “With great power comes great responsibility.”
  • Every newspaper stack will have about 100 paper’s in it. We purchase 1,500 papers to distribute around campus. Every stack is usually split up in fourths or halves, this will help you so you don’t have to count them out.

Then follow this list carefully:

  1. Martin Hall – half a stack, put 25 pages on the first floor and 25 pages on the second floor
  2. Bondurant Auditorium Preston Hall – half stack, stand in the main lobby
  3. Young Hall – half a stack bottom floor
  4. McGuffey Hall – half a stack, go up the steps and the stand is in the hall
  5. Porterfield – half a stack, top floor next to a staircase
  6. Student Recreation and Wellness Center – half stack, red stand next to the entrance
  7. Bonnie Hall – a full stack and a half, two stands on the 1st floor and one stand on the 2nd floor
  8. Trinkle Hall – half stack, on the front desk
  9. Peery Hall – half stack, stand near the entrance
  10. Cook Hall – half stack, stand in the main lobby
  11. College of Business and Economics (COBE/Kyle Hall) – half stack, stand at the main entrance
  12. Peters Hall – full stack, one stand at the front of the building and one stand at the back
  13. Dalton Hall – a full stack and a half, two stands on the 2nd floor and one stand on the 1st floor
  14. Heth Hall – half stack, main lobby
  15. Moffett – half stack, no stand, place on the front desk
  16. Russell Hall – half stack, place in front of the tv on the first floor
  17. Walker Hall – half stack, at the entrance
  18. Tyler Hall – Half stack, at the Student Media Center
  19. Muse Hall – full stack, stand at the elevators
  20. College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) – full stack, a stand on the 1st and 3rd floor
  21. McConnell Library – full stack, in near front desks
  22. 7-11 – half stack, stand in the entrance
  • If you do this right you should have no stacks of newspapers left over. If you do, it means you probably missed a stop or it’s an extra stack, in which case just drop it off at the student media office at Tyler Hall Room 025.
  • When you are done, park the cart in or in front of the gate and return the key in the return box outside the front door.
  • The EIC has the right to change, takeaway, or alter any of the duties mentioned above.