Director Chang works with RU to increase diversity

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Micheal Roundtree

While Radford University celebrates its largest incoming class in school history, it also welcomes one of its most diverse. With students representing countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Qatar, China, Brazil and Germany, Radford University has become committed to enhancing a campus culture that accepts and welcomes difference.
The Office of Diversity and Equity forwards the university’s initiative for a more diverse campus community. The role of the Office of Diversity and Equity is to support the university in its efforts to actively recruit and retain faculty, staff and students from historically underrepresented groups.
The Office of Diversity and Equity is committed to providing education, counsel, leadership and resources to all groups on campus as well as ensuring a discrimination and harassment-free campus community that affords every member equal respect in strict accordance with federal laws, state laws and university policies.  Radford University is committed to increasing resources for new and existing programs and activities to promote diversity in its various forms; the Office of Diversity and Equity is one such resource that provides services and identify additional resources for faculty, staff, and students.
Appointed as director in May, Brooke Chang anchors the university’s shared responsibility for assisting and enhancing equity and diversity. Chang is passionate about weaving diversity into the university’s core values and fostering an educational and work environment in which individuals and cultures are celebrated and respected for their unique talents, and insights that they contribute.
Prior to coming to Radford, Chang served at East Tennessee State University. While there, in her role as Associate Counsel, she worked on cases involving discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence with faculty, staff and students with various units and constituencies on campus.  Chang’s expertise in discrimination and sexual harassment matters stems from her time as a trial attorney. With over 15 years of experience, Chang has tried cases for U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Securities Administration (TSA), and the U.S. Department of the Interior. She also had her own law firm that represented employees and private employers.
As a result, RU is steadily becoming not only one of the most diverse universities in the New River Valley but in the whole southeast region. The Office of Diversity and Equity is helping RU build its name as an up and coming university.