Department of Design Senior Exhibition

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On Saturday, March 19, the seniors in the School of Design presented their final projects to the Art Museum in Covington. The event was offered for any student to attend and most of the designers attended this event along with some of their family.

Some of the designs were homes, offices, or buildings that the designers created on their own. One of the designs was a “Retirement Retreat” which was a modest, contemporary home located on a lake. This was designed for a couple seeking retirement and wanted the floor plan to be flexible for entertainment but have updated concepts for all ages. This design was created by Saja M. Al Weshahi and Sarah M. Gust.

Another design was “Tiny Living” and the inspiration for this design came from the tiny house movement. Typical small homes are usually on wheels, but this design had a home with an actual foundation and much larger than trailers. This home is efficient enough to hold up to two or three people. The materials used to create this home are brick, wood, metal, and concrete. The rod extends above the patio for the resident to be able to sit outside on rainy days. The point of this smaller home was to downside the average 2,600 square feet to somewhere between 100 and 400 square feet. This downsize can reduce home costs up to 50%. Another positive part of a “tiny home” is that they can reduce CO2 productions down from 28,000 pounds to around 2,000 pounds. This piece was created by Saja M. Al Weshahi.
Personally, I enjoyed the “Tiny Living” design a lot out of many that I saw.

The reason I enjoyed this piece is because I think many people over does the size of their homes. As the population is growing more and more, trees are being chopped down for a traditional concept known as subdivisions. These developments build hundreds of homes and some much larger than others. I think smaller families should try to downsize as much as they can because it is cheaper and better for the environment. Considering that currently there are many environmental problems, I think this is the smarter way to go.

Along with the floor plans that were multiple fashion designs on display. The clothing was obviously not designed for everyday use but was unique and beautiful. One dress gave me “Game of Thrones” vibes; it was floor length and dark blue with a nude shawl to throw over your shoulders. There were also some feathers sticking on the back of it, which was different, but overall a very cool dress.

Another dress designed by Breege Addo-Collins was a two piece that consisted of two distinct fabrics and different shades of brown. The top half, to me, looked like a chicken leg and the bottom half looked like a piece of tarp. I am not one for fashion, but I thought that the creativity was very noticeable within the pieces and enjoyed seeing them on display.

Sincere congratulations to all the seniors that were showcased!