Delta Sigma Pi heads to Atlanta for Poultry Expo

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Radford’s University chapter of the International Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi recently paid a visit to the city of Atlanta to participate in the United States Poultry College Student Career Program at their annual International Poultry and Processing Expo, or IPPE for short.

IPPE is the world’s largest annual poultry, meat and feed event of its kind. This special occasion displayed numerous segments on information regarding all things involved in the process of poultry such as supplies, equipment and special services. Even furthering an attendants experience were the live production, processing and marketing of all poultry related activities. This includes feed mills, chicken hatcheries and many more.

The program itself aims at helping students network with businesses found in the poultry industry, as well as giving them a broad opportunity to find their niche in employment and internships. The event not only broadens the horizon for those who attend, but also informs them on the latest technological developments and issues facing the industry.
The event hosted a total of 30,000 college seniors and juniors in search of jobs. Out of that number nine fortunate brothers of Radford’s Omicron Pi chapter attended the expo in the hopes that they too can figure out their next step in an already complex business and employment society.

“I am a finance major and I have been offered a great internship opportunity with one of the interviewing companies,” said fraternity brother Marie Ackah. “This program and industry is new to Radford, but I’m so glad I came.”

Some of the companies that were featured at the event included famous household names such as Perdue, Pilgrims and Tyson. Because such brand name giants were present, a trend is now growing to transition from a focus of recruiting agricultural science majors to more business majors. This is because there has been a steady rise in the need for qualified business and economic skill in the industry.

In a quote from a poultry press release “In a multi-billion dollar industry, the opportunity for growth for qualified individuals is almost unparalleled.”

According to this same press release, the event was a huge success not only for Delta Sigma Pi but also for the University as feedback from the U.S. Poultry and interviewing companies “praised the quality of Radford’s Students.”

President of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, Zachary King, also attended IPPE and felt that their presence there opened up several doors and each RU student represented themselves extremely well throughout the entirety of the event.

“We got an opportunity to represent Radford University on a larger scale. We were alongside students from schools such as Auburn, Cornell and even Virginia Tech and I feel like our students represented both Radford University and the College of Business and Economics better than any other students in attendance.”

While attending IPPE, seven out of the nine brothers in Delta Sigma Pi received full time job or internship offers, and this was before they even left the Peach State. In an economy where it is increasingly becoming more of a struggle for college graduates to find work in their particular field of study, can bring great amounts of added stress and exhaustion to their searching process, which is what makes the events of IPPE so encouraging.

“We found great success in multiple job offers and I was proud that my organization was given the opportunity to represent our school and our program in a professional world,” King pleasantly stated.

The Omicron Pi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is looking forward to continuing to build its relationships with The U.S. Poultry Company and is currently striving to make attendance at future IPPE events an annual occurrence due to the amount of success and experience gained in its first year.

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