Daylights Savings Time grievances

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Alexis Gardner |

You know what really bothers me? Daylight Savings Time (DST). I honestly do not see the need for it in modern times. As a college student, my sleep is something that I value dearly, and DST just gets in the way of that. I know we do it so we can have more daylight during the day, but I just miss my sleep. The thing about DST is that it catches me off guard every year. Here I am, already not getting the amount of sleep that a human being needs, and then BAM! It is DST and I am forced against my will to lose an hour of sleep. Yes, the human body will eventually adjust to it, but it is just not fair.

Having to participate in DST bothers me so much that I decided to do some research on it so I can see who is to blame for the creation of this unnecessary practice. I found that the reason DST exists is because of this British guy named William Willet.

Willet thought that the day was too short during the springtime until the middle of fall. His reasoning for this was so that more people could have time to enjoy the sunlight. Unfortunately, Willet died before the United Kingdom implemented this practice. It was actually Germany who was first to participate in DST in 1916, and the only reason they were doing it was to conserve electricity. Then after that, other countries started to follow Germany’s example and participate in DST, like the United States (U.S.)

What I found to be most interesting is that not every state in the U.S. participates in DST. So if you are like me, and hate losing an hour of sleep, then here are the states you may consider moving to. Hawaii and Arizona (except the Arizona’s Navajo Nation) are two states that do not participate in DST. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, so this just gives me an excuse to go.

U.S. territories that do not participate in DST include: American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Out of those choices, I would probably move to Puerto Rico because, why not? Also, my mom has always wanted to go there so it should not be that hard to convince her.

So maybe it is a little bit dramatic to consider moving just to keep one hour of sleep, but what can I say, I love sleep. I suffer from insomnia, so whenever I can get some sleep I do! I know I cannot be the only one who is annoyed with DST, so I decided to ask another student on campus to get some other views on DST.

When asked about DST, Samone Hairston said, “I can see the benefit of it but I do not like it until I get my hour back. Losing it always sucks and (it) is a huge adjustment.”

Hairston is right, DST is just an adjustment and something the body needs time to get used to. If you do not like this adjustment, you can always move to somewhere the Virgin Islands where you do not have to worry about losing that precious one hour of sleep.