“Dance Moms” shows harsh reality for dancers

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Jessica Dupuis

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Glitter, tap shoes, and crazy mothers sum up Lifetime’s newest reality TV show, “Dance Moms.”  The reality show consists of a group of young girls, ages 6-13, dancing at competitions.

Much like the other popular Lifetime show, “Toddlers and Tiara’s,” “Dance Moms” is filled with drama, fights, costume mishaps, and lots of tears. In the show, there are five mothers and seven girls, all working under dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller.  The  one-hour program shows how Abby Lee teaches her dance team, how the mothers behave and the girls dancing.

“Dance Moms” is ridiculous.  Abby Lee is harsh and unkind to her students, the mothers are loud and always yelling at each other and the girls are forced to be too mature for their ages.

Abby Lee is more of a drill-sergeant than a dance coach.  She screams at the girls and their mothers over everything.  Working as a dance instructor since the age of fourteen, Abby Lee has definitely made a name for herself. Her dance company, Abby Lee has been open for 18 years and has pushed out multiple famous dancers.

Although she is very prestigious and dedicated to her dancers, Abby Lee isn’t gentle with her teachings. She yells and is very hard on her students, constantly demanding perfection from the young girls. However, her strict rules and attitude do help shape her dance team to be on the top of the dance charts.

The mothers of “Dance Moms” make the whole show, as they’re constantly at each other’s throats, showing off their daughters, and acting as if their daughters’ dancing is their whole entire life. Their lives revolve around dancing and they spend thousands of dollars on private, as well as group, dance lessons, multiple costumes, makeup and hair products, and private schooling. Constantly battling with each other, the mothers often make themselves look like fools.

The young girls on “Dance Moms” have spent their whole lives dancing.  They are persistently being pressured and forced to be perfect. Wearing fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and skimpy revealing clothes, the girls often times look much older than they really are. They spend more time in the dance studio than working on schoolwork or spending time with friends.  Since the girls spend so much time together, they have a close bond, however, there are many times when a girl ends up in tears because another girl got a solo or a new costume.

“Dance Moms” shows the dirt under the rug of competition dance teams and their mothers.  Many people don’t see the rough, cruel, nasty side of dance and the show really puts light on it.  Although the show is for entertainment, the stiff competition, the intense pressure, as well as the constant hard work is too much for young girls to handle.