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Cryptix Escape Rooms now in Radford

Hannah Hale

Cryptix Escape Rooms just recently arrived at Radford. If you have never heard of an escape room, it is a room that you are locked in for an hour, and you must use the clues in the room to figure out how to escape before the hour is up. These types of group activities are becoming increasingly popular, and there are all kinds of themes. Specifically for Cryptix Escape Rooms, there are two: Future Outlaws and The Professor. It seems that they will be adding more, but I cannot say for certain. These rooms are not designed to be scary. The cost is 20 dollars per person, or you can book the entire room for 120 dollars. (Note: students get a ten percent discount). There is an eight-person limit, and if you do not book the whole room for your group, you could be working alongside strangers. There are set hours for Thursday through Saturday, but Sunday through Wednesday are by appointment only. You can book your game online by visiting their website, but they also accept walk-ins.

Since Radford has never had anything like this open here before, I figured residents would either be skeptical or excited. Robin McGrath said, “I think it is going to be cool! I’ve always wanted to do an escape room, and having one here will be super convenient!” Tyler Miller said, “Being locked in a room seems a like a strange way to have fun, but I think it will be awesome for Radford. It beats doing the same things over and over again.”

I think the escape rooms will be a great addition to Radford. There are a lot of stuff for students to do, but nothing like this. Senior, Alexis Gardner said that she had never heard of an escape room. But after being told what it was, and that one was coming to Radford, she said she would, “love to go sometime with a group of friends. It sounds like a lot of fun, and it would be something different to do on the weekend, besides go to a party.”

Not only is this a fascinating concept, but it is also a unique way to exercise your problem-solving skills and to figure out just how observant you are. I have never done an escape room, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun. I also think this would be perfect for special occasions like birthdays. I believe that it would be cool to have a scary room for Halloween, so maybe they will consider that for next year.

Hopefully, students will get on board with Cryptix Escape Rooms because the more we participate interesting places like this, the more businesses will want to come here. Having activities for students is important, but it will be a great thing for Radford residents in general.

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