Crumb & Get It welcomes Susan Allen

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Jennifer Werner

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, Susan Allen went to Crumb and Get It Cookie Company to speak on behalf of her husband’s campaign and to have a meet and greet with Radford citizens. Her Husband, George Allen, is a former Virginia Governor and is currently running for the U.S. Senate.
The former first lady expressed the importance of voting in the upcoming November election and encouraged the youth at the event to get involved. Allen explained how young adults are the future of this country and that it is important for college graduates to be able to find jobs upon graduation.
“Our hope is that students will be super engaged in this election year because the direction of this country depends on their involvement and how they vote. My husband believes that we have an optimistic future and that it’s all based on whether we have a pro-growth job economy,” said Allen. “My husband has a great record as governor, having brought in over 300,000 jobs in Virginia, whereas, his op     ponent lost over 100,000 jobs as governor.”
Attendees of the event cheered on Allen as she spoke. People continued to gather throughout the event, with a few individuals arriving late. Without missing a beat, Allen kept a smile on her face and answered questions without any hesitation.
like the fact that both candidates have very different visions on how to grow jobs,” said Allen. “Keeping low taxes is one of the big things for George. He wants to cut taxes by 600 million dollars.”
Allen went on to discuss how George Allen wants to make sure that people can still achieve the American dream and that he still believes that those opportunities are out there. Using Crumb and Get It as an example, Allen stated that her husband wanted to help small businesses, as well as, the private sector.
“One of the hindrances on employment that we have heard about on the trail is mandated health care and that is definitely one of the biggest complaints that we have heard for the last year and a half. George wants to repeal and replace that,” said Allen. “Mandated healthcare is just not helpful for families right now.”
When asked about potential job creation in Virginia, Susan Allen immediately responded with the blueprint for “America’s Comeback.” Allen continued to discuss her husband’s plan for creating these jobs. This includes reducing the deficit, helping businesses grow, reducing taxes, repealing mandated healthcare, and becoming more energy efficient.
In recent months, the issue of sequestration has become more prevalent. Sequestration, which would take money from defense funding and reduce the size of our military tremendously, is a key issue in the Virginia election because of the copious amount of military personnel residing in the state. According to Allen, the Navy would be reduced to a pre-World War I size. “
Sequestration, the downsizing of our military, could potentially make us lose 600,000 jobs if it goes through. It came about due to the inaction of Congress,” said Allen. She elaborated on the difficulties this would impose on our military and stressed that George Allen is against sequestration because he wants to protect our military and keep a strong national defense.