Lawbreakers should get what they deserve

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Each year, citizens commit murders. Whether it be through a shooting or a brutal massacre, innocent people die. These murderers are put to trial and are sometimes sentenced to death.

Many people do not feel that this is the best way to punish someone but in my opinion, it is the best way to keep dangerous people off the streets and away from innocent people.

Murderers take the lives of others and should face a grave punishment for their actions and the death penalty does just that.

A lot of people say that the justice system is flawed and that sometimes a mistake is made and an innocent person is sentenced to death.               The system is not as flawed as people might think.

As Officer Deanna Phillips, a police officer at Radford University stated, “if you are truly innocent there is a way to prove it,” and honestly there is. If a person did not commit a crime there should be no substantial amount of evidence that would be able to prove that they did in fact commit the crime.

Several people say that the death penalty allows for the victim’s families to get revenge, however I feel that “revenge” is not the right word.

Instead, the word that should be used to describe the outcome for the families should be “closure”, because they do not always want to hurt or harm the murderer. Closure is important when it comes to the loss of a loved one because the family can rest assured knowing that a killer is not loose on the streets with the opportunity to kill someone else. That fact alone would make anyone feel better.

In a recent article by Alix John “Is the death penalty just?”, people also try to say the death penalty is an “eye-for-an-eye” situation.

The death penalty is not put in place to kill someone for killing another, but rather to keep a killer off the streets.

The death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment. Sentencing someone to death is not torture because pain is not being inflicted on a person in order to get him or her to do or admit to something.

Lastly, it is not cruel and unusual because courts take into account the severity of the crime before deciding to sentence someone to death.

The murderer committed a cruel and unusual crime on their victim; therefore they lose any right to be treated humanely. This is a personal opinion of mine, but I feel that it stands true. It is written in The Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.”

Therefore, all men, and women as well, deserve to live a life free from the fear of being hurt. Once that right has been violated, then the right to that freedom of the criminal is gone.

The death penalty is a useful tool in keeping society running today. It helps to keep murderers off the streets and prevents them from ever being able to enter society again.

It gives closure to loved ones and should be used more often to ensure that the people in the United States are safe.






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