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Cooling Down


Cassidy McDaniel

Describe your thoughts when you come into a really close game. How do you cope with the pressure?

When I come into a close game my thoughts are simple, keep the ball low in the zone and throw strikes. As far as the pressure goes you just learn to handle it.

Describe your team in a few words. What do you think your chances are this year?

We have a lot of talent and heart, and we have to go out every weekend and play to win the series or even sweep. The conference championship is up for grabs this year and I truly believe we have really good chance at winning the conference this year.

What are your personal goals moving forward?

My personal goal this season is to help my team win a conference championship. This is my last year and as a senior I would love to graduate knowing I helped build this program and brought it something it has never had.

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