Welcome to our Contact/Jobs page where you can find all the information you would need to get a hold of an editor, staff writer, or our main office. You can also find open positions if you are a student of Radford University and their job descriptions as well. Click on one of the options below to get started:

Staff Contact Information (and Open Positions)

Editor-in-ChiefDylan Leporedlepore1@radford.eduDec. 2020
Managing EditorSarah Steffeyssteffey3@radford.eduMay 2020
Copy Editor-OPEN----
Page Designer-OPEN----
SEO/Web Manager-OPEN----
Content Calendar Manger-OPEN----
Social Media Manager Hannah Whitehwhite42@radford.eduMay 2021
News EditorRiley Gingerrginger@radford.eduDec. 2020
Assistant News EditorDomonique Barnesdbarnes21@radford.eduMay 2023
Culture Editor-OPEN----
Assistant Culture Editor-OPEN----
The Tea Editor-OPEN----
Assistant Tea Editor-OPEN----
Sports EditorZach Potter zpotter2@radford.eduMay 2020
Assistant Sports Editor-OPEN----
Photography ManagerHailey Schererhscherer1@radford.eduDec. 2020
DistributorDustin Staples dstaples1@radford.eduMay 2022
Staff Writer - NewsWesley Wallacewwallace5@radford.eduMay 2022
Staff Writer - NewsKarli Ratliffkratliff13@radford.eduMay 2020
Staff Writer - NewsJoshua Dishmanjdishman@radford.eduMay 2020
Staff Writer - News-OPEN----
Staff Writer - News-OPEN----
Staff Writer - CultureMartina Dorner – Leesmdornerlees@radford.eduMay 2020
Staff Writer - Culture-OPEN----
Staff Writer - Culture-OPEN----
Staff Writer - Culture-OPEN----
Staff Writer - Culture-OPEN----
Staff Writer - The TeaMichael Aaron Coopersmithmcoopersmith@radford.eduMay 2022
Staff Writer - The TeaMiranda Salgadomsalgado1@radford.eduDec 2020
Staff Writer - The Tea-OPEN----
Staff Writer - The Tea-OPEN----
Staff Writer - The Tea-OPEN----
Staff Writer - SportsLucas May 2020
Staff Writer - SportsLilly Demastusldemastus@radford.eduMay 2022
Staff Writer - Sports-OPEN----
Staff Writer - Sports-OPEN----
Staff Writer - Sports-OPEN----
Staff PhotographerCarly Sumptercsumpter3@radford.eduMay 2020
Staff PhotographerJordan Bennettjbennett50@radford.eduMay 2020
Staff Photographer-OPEN----
Staff Photographer-OPEN----
Staff Photographer-OPEN----
Weather CorrespondentDustin Staples dstaples1@radford.eduMay 2022
Joke Writer-OPEN----
Comic Artist-OPEN----

Highlander Student Media Office

Send mail: P.O. Box 6895 Radford, VA 24142

Address: Tyler Hall Room 025, 301 Tyler Ave, Radford, VA 24141

Hours: Mon. – Fri. | 10 a.m – 5 p.m.

Office540 831-5474

Fax540 831-6725



Job Outlines

Tartan Training Center

(Request the password from the Editor-in-Chief) 

Become a Highlander Student Media Leader:

Radford University’s student media groups comprise some of the most creative students on campus. Their collective mission: to educate, inform, entertain and inspire, while learning about the process involved in the publication or broadcast of the media.

Being a student media leader is a vital and prominent job. It will take up a lot of your time, and it is essential to be a person that people can come to for answers, a person that can continuously be creative, and knows when work needs to be done and how it is done.

Apply here: (We are currently not accepting applications until 2020)