Consent: One word to combat rape culture – by Brittany North







There is only one type of sex in this world, and that is consensual sex. Anything else is considered rape, not sex. By consent, I mean a sober conversation between the two (or more, whatever you’re into) parties about what is okay and what is not so okay to do in bed.

Radford, unfortunately like any other college campus, is home to sexual harassment and rape. It breeds rape culture like anywhere else because students don’t understand how to combat it or even know what rape culture is.

Let me give you an example of rape culture being perpetuated in our society.

I went to a middle school that was a normal, public institution. It had rules, books, and awkward moments like every other middle school in the country. It was a hot day one morning when I got up for school, so I put shorts on.

I got to my class and my teacher took one look at me and told me to go to the principles office. I obliged and when I got there, the principle sent me to in-school-suspension (ISS) because my shorts were too short and they would “distract” my male peers. I sat in that ISS room, not being able to participate in my education because my shorts were too short and a random boy might get distracted.

In American society, we teach girls to change their actions in order for boys to function. We don’t teach boys not to look or objectify girls when they are at school, wearing what they are comfortable in.

There is a new movement in Radford that is making a positive effort to combat rape culture here. If you have been alert walking around campus these last two semesters, you may have noticed stickers that say, “consent” with a black heart around it. Tiffany Goins, under SGA, is the leader of the organization.

Even though a few stickers will not eliminate rape culture from Radford, it does raise awareness. And that is a great place to start in destroying rape culture and inequality from Radford forever.