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Upcoming on April 9 to April 14 Radford University will be holding its annual Communication Week. Communication Week is organized by Radford University’s School of Communication and is held every year to benefit students within the Communication field. The week is filled with events lead by both alumni and other professionals to assist students to help them reach their career goal.

The theme of this year’s Communication Week is Disney. Classical Disney, Marvel and Star Wars will all be incorporated into the week through the speeches as well as the other events that will be held. To kick off the week there will be a Space Race 5K starting at the Bonnie Plaza on Sunday, April 9 at 11 am. The registration fee to participate in the 5K is $20 or, to wave the fee, you can bring twelve nonperishable food items.

The philanthropy that Communication Week has chosen to pair with is a local program called the Bobcat Backpacks Program. The Bobcat Backpacks Program is a public effort to meet the weekend food needs for Radford City School children. The program relies heavily on the community, groups, businesses and individuals to donate the funds and the foods necessary to assist the children in the school system. If you would like to participate in the fundraisers aimed at assisting the program you can visit Moe’s Southwest Grill located at 314 Tyler Avenue in Radford, VA on Tuesday, April 11. The second fundraising event will be at Benny Nicola’s located at 1018 Clement Street in Radford, VA on Wednesday, April 12.

Radford’s own Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) will be sponsoring a résumé and LinkedIn workshop on Wednesday, April 12 to assist Radford’s students with their online representation. Along with these events listed above, the most anticipated event will be the Communication Week Carnival. The Carnival will be on Thursday, April 13 from 8 pm until midnight, at the Multipurpose Activity Court (MAC) within the Recreation and Wellness Center. The event will have a DJ, free food, many games, and the raffle tickets that are being sold throughout the duration of the week will be announced. Those who win the raffle must be present at the Carnival to win their prize.

Communication Week is not just purely for those within the discipline. Events such as You Gotta Make It Happen, It All Depends On You: LinkedIn Photo Session on Friday, April 14 at 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The event will assist students to get expert headshots to prepare their résumés and add some professionalism to their LinkedIn profiles. Communication Week is aimed at helping the community around Radford University throughout their chosen philanthropy as well as assist Radford’s students to excel in their future careers. Those involved in the planning and scheduling of the week encourage all students to attend the events and to follow the social media websites to stay up to date. The social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all with the username @ComsWeekRadford.

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