COMS Week passes with flying colors Js

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Jasmine Sampson


This past week, the School of Communication sponsored their annual communication week. This year’s theme was “Color Me Coms” and featured a plethora of alumni guest speakers, alumni panelists, a fundraiser and a carnival.

     The speakers and panelists provided a lot of very insightful and useful information. To see students that were in our positions just a few years ago having the ability to speak with such great knowledge and experience was very refreshing. Sometimes the career advice that we get from our older professors goes in one ear and comes out the other.

   However, with these speakers, I felt that it was easier to relate with them and put myself in their shoes.  Their words of wisdom gave me hope for the future of my career.

   For me, I found the most powerful presentations to be Lynda McNutt Foster’s presentation and the panel entitled “4 Years/8 Semesters/3 Summers.”

   With a packed auditorium, Foster delivered an emotional presentation that tied in her past, present and future to engage and motivate students. Throughout her presentation, the parts that I found to be the most intriguing were when she mentioned her and her family’s shortcomings. While it’s always easy to talk about the great parts of your life and all of your success, being able to share your lack of success and failures in certain areas can actually be the most beneficial for others.

   She shared personal stories of previous adversity and how she overcame them to show us all that we can get through anything if we stay motivated, determined and believe in ourselves.

   During the panel event, the speakers emphasized many of the opportunities Radford students have to get involved on campus. Whether it be joining PRSSA, writing for The Tartan or even becoming a Quest Assistant, it was made very clear that there are many things to do around campus. Participating in various clubs and holding executive positions can all be resume builders and put you ahead of your peers.

     The experience you may gain from getting involved can also translate to your jobs and allow you to succeed and move up in your field more quickly. Employers are more interested in hiring well-rounded individuals so getting involved on campus is a great way to show that you actually did something besides go to class while you were in college.

     The overarching topics of the speakers were the power of networking, internships and taking advantage of opportunities. For many of them, internships were the ways that they got into their current job positions and they had networking and relationship building and maintenance to thank for their success. They also expressed their widespread involvement on campus during their time here at Radford. They said that the experience they were able to attain put them ahead of their competition when interviewing for jobs.

   The speakers encouraged those looking for jobs to not be picky and to be patient. Jobs that may not always be your “dream job” or even a job that you find the most enjoyable can be your first stepping stone for you to get your foot in the door and make your way to the top, to where you actually want to be.

     Dr. Lisa Baker Webster’s COMS 411 class was responsible for the planning and implementation of the ins and outs of the entire week. From creating the slogan, direct marketing at Benny’s to, getting guest speakers to come to campus and even getting funding and organizing the entire carnival, the class did an outstanding job. 

   The slogan they came up with and all of the marketing materials that they had around campus were very creative and enticing. It was great to see both Communication majors and non-Communication majors coming together, engaging and learning.

   Communication Week 2015 was a huge success that was very intriguing and beneficial for all students who participated.