Comparing Radford Univeristy’s dorm halls

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Alexis Gardner

One of the most important things when coming to a college or university is where you will be living. Where you live can determine things like how long it takes you to get to class, how far away you are from food, and most importantly- friends. If I did not live in Trinkle my freshman year, I would not have the group of friends that I love and consider my family today.

When we make the decision to come to Radford everyone who has a Facebook account gets added to a class page where we can meet and become friends with our classmates before school starts. While meeting people on the class page, the question about where’s best place to live comes up quite frequently.

Many people will tell you that living in Muse your freshman year is the place to be. It is fun and it is an easy way to meet people. While that may be true, I personally do not think Muse is all that amazing. The only thing I like about Muse is the New River Grille House that is located in the basement.

For me, Muse is just too much. And it is old….very old. It was built in 1970 and I do not think there have been any major renovations done to it, but I could be wrong. Muse holds 950 students and it is 13 stories high. So yeah, there is definitely a chance to meet people and make lots of friends while living in Muse. But then there is also a greater chance of people pulling the fire alarm at 3 a.m. because for some reason college students think that it is funny.

With 950 people in one building there is bound for there to be people always blasting music when you are trying to study, or people screaming and running down the hall while you are trying to sleep. Also, let’s not forget how hot Muse is. You are guaranteed to see at least two fans from the windows of dorm rooms. It is so unbelievably hot in Muse, but that is probably because of the amount of people who live there and there is no air conditioning provided.

Just to be fair, I feel like I should mention some of the pros that come with living in Muse. So here they are: it is close to the New River Grille House, you have a very high possibility of making friends, it is close to light side, 7/11, Benny’s, Coldstone, Subway, and Jimmy Johns, it can be a constant party if you meet the right people, and the people are nice and everyone’s door is always open. So pretty much, Muse is what you make of it, and can be good, or it can be bad.

You may fing that other dorms on campus are better for you than the standard Muse. Trinkle is just so close to everything. It was close to the gym, the Bonnie, and a decent distance from Dalton. Like I said before, I made some of my best friends and Trinkle, and I would not change the experience I had in Trinkle my freshman year for anything.

Yeah living in other dorms are slightly more expensive than living in Muse, but I think that it is worth it. It really depends what kind of person you are. Are you someone who wants to have something going on in your dorm 24/7 with very little moments of quiet? If so, Muse is for you. But no matter what you choose, any dorm will give you a good experience, you just have to make the most of it.