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By: Nathan Sparks
In the course of life, we become acquainted with many people, some who we feel are around for the long ride; and some that merely pass by. One of the worst feelings in the world though is when you have a very set perspective of someone, and then something happens and that perspective becomes shattered. It’s disheartening to think that there are people in the world that are so obsessed with maintaining a certain image that they will lie to those they care about and swallow things, only to have it all explode like a bomb.
As a human being in any relationship, it is your job to communicate your feelings. Communication is the only healthy and responsible path to take in a relationship; otherwise, you set yourself up for dysfunction.
Furthermore, domestic abuse is absolutely unacceptable, from both parties. Fists don’t solve anything, and are more likely to cause further problems. No person deserves to have the person that they care about taking advantage of that emotion, and then physically hurting them. As a human being, this is one of the lowest examples of immorality. This example applies to humanity on the whole, but more importantly, in the confines of a relationship. When you think with your fists, you get nowhere.
As a communications major, I have learned both how to read people and how to interact with people brilliantly. When I witness how some couples interact with each other, it sickens me. Yes there will be altercations and disagreements, but those are opportunities to better yourself both as a person, and as a couple. You are both adults, so instead of throwing a temper tantrum and yelling at each other, follow my advice: People need to learn how to listen to each other’s needs as opposed to worrying only about their own needs.
An open line of communication can turn any relationship from a mere ‘oh hey we’re dating and I don’t really like this person that much but it’s whatever’ into ‘this person gets me completely, and makes me totally happy.’ I propose this to any boyfriend or girlfriend out there: next time you and your significant other are arguing, stop talking. Just listen. This is the best advice you will ever receive.
If you listen to the other person as opposed to trying to drown their thoughts out, your relationship will last much longer, you will both be able to trust each other, and ultimately, you will be much happier. Furthermore, if you are willing to listen to the other person’s problems, and attempt to better things, they will be a lot more eager to look out for you, and try and help you with your problems. As someone who has experienced both types of relationships, and I am so much happier when my significant other actually listens and cares about what I want, and who I am as a person.


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