Column: You Need Self-Care


By Nay-Quan Bryan |

Life can be extremely stressful; we all have things going on in our own lives. Dealing with deadlines, projects, papers, and exams, some people have more on their plate than others.

The most important thing anyone can do is take care of themselves when stressed out. Everyone should take a moment of time to relax, unwind, and let everything go, such as stress, assignments, and worries. Let them all fade away and focus on yourselves.

Dr. Tammy Robinson, a Design Department Professor, said “After a long and stressful day, when things are hectic or stressful, playing with my dog, Ranger, is very relaxing. He gives me the most love.”

Julene Rice, college student, freelance graphic designer and mom extraordinaire, who owns her own business called SagaDenim can get pretty busy.

With so many things up her sleeves, when needing to relax, Rice says she “likes to listen to music and take a walk and drink lots of water as it keeps [her] skin clear and feeling hydrated, it also keeps [her] from getting exhausted.”

Rice also likes to get pedicures, once or twice a month. She said “I used to go with a group of friends, it was more a social thing, but it was also energy draining sometimes, I found it more relaxing to go alone. Very peaceful.”

“Treat yourself, it’s always good to treat yourself,” Rice adds.

I stress over many things, such as my personal life, school, and work.

I’m also a big procrastinator.

I wait till the last minute to do many of my assignments. In ways, I create my stress. Moreover, when I do feel overworked and super stressed, my approach is to put on my cucumber and aloe face mask, put on music and cuddle with my blankets, and then I simply read.

Reading always helps relieve me of stress. I get lost in a whole other world where there aren’t bills, assignments, and essays to worry about.

Music makes me feel good as well. I could be having the worst day and go to my dorm put on my tunes, and it lifts my mood.

When taking care of yourself, do things you love and indulge in all the good of the world.

Has it been a long terrible day? If so, go to a trusted friend and vent to them, vent your stresses, and then cry and let it all out.

Crying lifts some of the weight off people’s shoulders. Keeping anger, frustration, and stress holds in negativity while crying, letting it all out, will bring the positive back into your life.

It’s important to take care of yourself, indulge in relaxation or a guilty pleasure, it can ease physical and mental health too.

You are the most critical person in your life, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty that is life, and know that everything will work out because you are special. Never forget that.

Photo Credit: (Alain d’Alché on Unsplash)