Column: The Benefits of Taking a Wintermester Class at Radford University

2 min read Whether it be catching up or getting ahead, a Wintermester class could be all you need to stay on track with your graduation goals.


By Jordan Trent |

Whether it be catching up or getting ahead, a Wintermester class could be all you need to stay on track with your graduation goals.

Radford University offers Wintermester courses which are taken at the end of the fall semester. The university also allows students to take Maymester courses and three sessions throughout the summer.

There are two semesters within the academic year, Fall and Spring. With that being said, most students find this to be a time crunch to get the credits that they want. Some find that they are struggling with balancing out their course load, while others might drop a class in the semester.

This is where the short-term semesters come in handy.

“I took a Wintermester course to help alleviate my workload for later semesters,” junior Kendall Clark said.

These courses can be taken at the university or online.  Although the length of the course is shorter, it is not any easier than the classes taken during the main semesters. Professors challenge students to think in depth about the material and make sure the requirements reflect the fall and spring courses.

“It was difficult to do with the time being so short and the deadlines, but I don’t regret it since I didn’t have to worry about taking any more of my core classes and I got to focus more on my major classes,” commented senior Nicole Milleson.

Radford offers over 50 online courses from almost every program. Two factors come into play when determining the cost. The amount of credits students wants to achieve, and if the student is in-state or out-of-state.

Tuition for an in-state student to earn three credits is roughly $1,500, and the costs for an out-of-state student earning the same amount of credits is about $2,900.

If you have to take a difficult course and prefer a smaller class size and better student to teacher ratio, then a Wintermester course could be the path for you.  If you find that you benefit from online classes then check if a class you need is offered during Wintermester.

“I liked my Wintermester class because it was only a month long instead of taking a whole semester’s worth of classes, and it was online so I could do it from the comfort of my own house,” senior Tyler Magee said.

“It helped me get another class under my belt and didn’t take a lot of time out of my week,” he adds.

Radford University offers a variety of ways for students to succeed. If you are falling behind or want to get ahead then consider signing up for a Wintermester course. Wintermester begins Dec. 18 and ends on Jan. 18.  Take advantage of that month and accelerate your path to graduation.

Photo Credit: (Radford University)