Column: 7 Simple Dorm Meals to Make With a Microwave

2 min read Here are 7 simple meals that can be made right in your dorm. You won’t need a stove or oven, just a microwave. I can’t promise they will be great.

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By Brian Angus |

Here are seven simple meals that can be made right in your dorm.

You won’t need a stove or oven, just a microwave. I can’t promise they will be great, but I can promise they will be good. I mean what do you expect? You’re cooking in a microwave.

1. Oatmeal

One of the easiest ways to start the day is with a bowl of oatmeal. Just boil some water in a microwave and pour it over some oats. Fixings such as brown sugar, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits can be added to give more flavor to the oats.

2. Eggs in a Mug

You don’t even need a stove to make eggs. Simply crack an egg into a mug, add a splash of milk, and stir till the egg becomes an even color. Then, microwave for about 90 seconds. I recommend adding pepper and salt for taste.

3. Peanut Butter, Nutella, and Banana Wrap

This is another one of my favorite easy to make breakfast foods.

I like to use whole wheat tortillas, as they taste the most like bread, and spread peanut butter and Nutella over them. Then, add a sliced banana in there and wrap it up. Regular bread can be used as well; I just find the tortilla allows you to taste the flavor of the peanut butter and Nutella more.

4. Baked Potato

Hence the name, baked potatoes turn out best when baked in an oven. However, they will turn out fine in a microwave as well.

First, scrub the potato with water to clean it, then pierce holes in the potato with a fork to allow ventilation. Microwave the potato for five minutes on each side (Low power microwaves will require more time). Toppings such as sour cream, butter, and cheese can be added to the potato.

5. Ramen

I couldn’t make a dorm foods list without including instant ramen.

Most stores sell the food for less than a dollar per package making it a very cheap meal as well. To cook, just place the dried noodles in a bowl with water, microwave for a few mins, stir in the powder flavoring, and that’s it.

6. Microwaveable Meals

If you don’t feel like preparing anything, you can always go to the grocery store and pick up a frozen prepared dinner. During high school, I wasn’t much of a chef, so every day after school I’d come home and pop open a microwaveable dinner. After eating so many, I’ve grown sick of them, but they are convenient when in a rush.

7. Nachos

I have to give credit to my Dad for this one.

When I was younger, and we’d get hungry at night, he would always make nachos which I thought was the best food ever. After a while of eating them, I wanted to learn his secret; to my surprise, it was so simple.

He put chips on a plate, sprinkled them with a blend of cheeses, and microwaved them for about a minute.

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