COBE or Kyle Hall?


Tanasia Campos

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) has been around for many years, more specifically since 1987 . It may not be the oldest building at Radford University but it is certainly the largest.  The COBE building was previously named The School of Business & Professional Studies, but I do have to admit that its current name has a better ring to it.

The name is everything that the building stands for, so why would the Board of Visitors want to rename it to Kyle Hall? According to the Radford website, these decisions were made to Honor President Kyle’s service and contributions of Radford’s sixth, and first female, president, who has shown unwavering dedication to the university since her appointment in 2005.

Since she started in 2005, Radford has gained approval and funding for more than $330 million in capital projects, including constructions and renovations. Under President Kyle’s leadership, Radford University gained approval from the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer its first doctoral degree, the Doctor of Psychology in Counseling Psychology.

More recently, Radford has been approved to give out doctorate degrees in physical therapy and nursing practice, and a master’s degree in occupational therapy.

I think all those achievements are definitely worth some praise, but that does not change the fact that to the current population here at Radford, the building will always be COBE. I have spoken to some students here on campus and they seem to agree.

“COBE is already engraved so I do not know why they would want to change it” says Caitlin Henney.

This actually makes sense because if something is already engraved to me it seems disrespectful to remove it, and also it may cost a lot of money to change it. Some of the students here also might not be able to accept the name change because they didn’t know President Kyle on a personal level so it’s harder for the new student population to come to terms with the change at once.

“I don’t want it to change” says Nick Darnell.

It’s like having a favorite teacher in a class then getting a new one, you are still use to the way things used to be and it’s harder to accept change.

“No, No, No, COBE is Infamous” says Katie Murkowski.

I agree COBE is quite infamous in its own right. It’s a nice seasoned name that everyone seems to know and love.

On the other side of things though, some students just does not seem to care either way. My guess is that they have nothing to do with the building and have never been able to experience what it has to offer so it does not matter either way because it’s just another building.

Another cause for the indifference may also be just because they are just here to get an education so renaming a building is no big deal. Either way you look at it I think renaming COBE Kyle Hall is a nice gesture, but it will forever and always be COBE to the current students here in Radford.