Club Fair rocks Heth lawn

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Radford University hosted the annual club fair Friday, Aug. 29, on Heth lawn. This event truly showed how much student involvement there is at RU.

There seemed to be hundreds of clubs scattered about Heth lawn looking to bring students into their organizations. Students of all ages attended to potentially find somewhere to fit in, especially freshman.

From social organizations, such as sororities and fraternities, to academic clubs, such as English or sciences, there were clubs for all fair 2

Freshman Celinna Haber said she was at club fair to meet and participate with the RU Rockers.

“I was asked to join the dance team,” Haber said.

Another freshman, Alan Brown, became interested in RU Outdoors when he visited club fair. The club promoted their activities by kayaking in the fountain, which had everyone wanting to jump in and cool off.

Older students found joy at club fair as well. Junior Chelsea Walters was excited to find that the English club was giving away books for students to read, which is great to promote reading for pleasure instead of just for classes.

Despite the heat, it was a great day at club fair for students of all ages. Some students may have only been there for the free pizza or maybe even to try the awesome zip line, while others were genuinely interested in finding a new hobby or group of friends.

Whatever the reason, everyone had a smile on their face and was more than happy to be there. Many clubs and organizations will be glad to have new members joining them.

By: Cayleen Javorsky