Classes are canceled! Now what do you do?


No school! These are the days that students yearn for all year long. Sometimes they are planned holidays (which we all know Radford doesn’t care for), snow days, or all of your teachers happened to cancel class the same day. Or maybe you slept through one and the other two were cancelled. However it goes, everyone loves this one magical day which can be whatever you want it to be. The question is, what should you do?

            Everyone has their own idea of an awesome day off. Personally, mine would include a lot of sleeping, eating, and skating. Not to understate the sleeping part, which would honestly be the biggest part of my day. Why, you ask? Because I love sleeping and I love doing it a lot. What other reason do I need? That is the beauty of a day off. No one is there to tell you that you are wrong, lazy, or that your homework is due. Yes, maybe it would be a good idea to catch up on reading all those chapters in your textbook or get a head start on that paper, but why not enjoy at least part of the day?

            While an unexpected day off can be a huge stress reliever full of relaxation and time to do nothing, it can also be a great opportunity for investment in a later day of leisure. If you have a weekday off and know what work you have to do over the weekend already, why not knock it out during the week and reap the benefit of having two free days over the weekend rather than worrying about homework on Sunday night? A little thinking ahead can go a long way.

            If you cannot decide between being productive and being unproductive, there is nothing wrong with combining the two into one day off. That is what Sophomore Kee Grinage, a Fashion and Graphic Design major, often decides to do.

“I usually like to relax for a little bit and then get right into my work, while taking breaks as needed,” he said.

Kee says that it has always worked for him and that he believes it is a good system. He is not the only one who thinks so either.

            Sophomore and Athletic Training major Greg Grant has a similar routine on his extra days off.

“When I get a day off, I like to get a good lift in and maybe a run, take a nap and then do some homework,” he said.

Just like Kee, he likes to mix up his day with some productivity as well as some rest time. Is this the best way to take a day off? Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. It’s all up to how you feel at the time.

            So, whether you spend your surprise day off getting all of your work done, doing absolutely nothing at all, or any sort of mix of the two, I think that we can all agree that a day off is something to love and take full advantage of. The important thing is to do it how you want to do it.

Troy Fitzpatrick

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